Scholarship Notification

If you are selected to receive a scholarship from RCCD, you will be offered the scholarship(s) on the scholarship system website. You will receive an email to your student email account with information regarding a scholarship offer. You will need to log into the scholarship system to accept the scholarship award, and then you will receive more information regarding eligibility, disbursement and the recognition events.

It is a good idea to periodically log into the scholarship site to check on your applications in case you do not receive the offer email. After you log in, your home page will show a list of scholarships you were matched to. There will also be a status listed with the scholarship. Those statuses and their meanings are as follows:

  • Drafted: You did not complete and/or submit the application properly and are not being considered as a recipient of this scholarship.
  • Submitted: You successfully submitted the scholarship application, but a recipient is still in the process of being chosen.
  • In Review: Your application is in the process of being reviewed by the scholarship review committees.
  • Not Selected: You have not been selected as a recipient for this scholarship.
  • Offered: You have been selected as a recipient of this scholarship and must accept the award. You will then be given information about the award event and must RSVP.
  • Accepted: You have been offered this scholarship and have accepted the award.
  • Declined: You have opted to decline the scholarship award. If this is an error, please correct this status. If you have chosen to decline the scholarship award, you may be contacted for the reason you have declined.

Scholarship Award Recognition

Several activities are planned each year to recognize scholarship recipients. If you are selected as a recipient, it is very important that you attend the scholarship recognition event. Often, the donor of the scholarship and/or their families or representatives will want to meet you, so please make every effort to attend.

If you are chosen for multiple scholarships, you may be required to attend several award events depending on the type of scholarships you are awarded. The award ceremony dates will be included in the information given to you after you accept your scholarship award(s).

RSVP information will be also be included.

Important: If you are unable to attend due to circumstances beyond your control, please use the RSVP information on your scholarship award ceremony invitation or notify the financial aid office at your home college so that we can let the donor know why you are not in attendance.



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