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You need to have applied for admission, be assigned a student email address at MVC, NC or RCC and be currently enrolled. If you have applied for admission and have your email address but are not yet enrolled, please send an email to olayide.coston@mvc.edu for you to be added manually and to be able to apply.

This is how we confirm your identity when you apply for scholarships. When you first log in to the scholarship application system, you are required to enter your student email address. You will then receive an email from the scholarship system to your student email address. At that point you will click on the link to confirm your identity and you will be able to log into the system to begin your scholarship application. In order to apply for scholarships at MVC, NC or RCC, you will need to have been admitted to the college, receive your student email address and be currently enrolled in classes.

If you have applied for admission and have your email address but are not yet enrolled, please send an email to olayide.coston@mvc.edu for you to be added manually and to be able to apply. Also, much of the communication from the Student Financial Services office and other offices on campus are directed to your student email address. Please be sure to check your email regularly for important information.

Please note: The scholarship application works best with browsers other than Internet Explorer.

Each student is assigned an email address when they apply for admission to MVC, NC or RCC. Please contact the Admissions & Records office at your home college for assistance in accessing your student email address and for any issues that may come up regarding the student email address. Once you know your student email address, don’t forget to activate it and check it regularly (including the spam folder). There is also a tutorial on WebAdvisor on how to activate your student email.

Yes and no. You need to complete the FAFSA for scholarships that are considered “need-based” or mentions something like “financial need required” in the description. For scholarships that are not considered “need-based” you will not need to complete the FAFSA. However, it is always a good idea to complete the FAFSA to determine if there is any financial aid available to you even if you don’t think you will qualify (you may be surprised).

Not necessarily. While academic performance is a criterion for many scholarships, there are some that do not consider a high GPA as part of the eligibility process. Many only require a 2.0 or no GPA at all.

Yes, click on the “Save” button at the bottom of the application.

Online Automated Scholarship System


To help with matching you to scholarships, some information is imported into your scholarship application directly from our college system. We import the information a few times during the scholarship application period. If it is incorrect, you will need to check with the Admissions and Records office regarding how to correct your information in our college system such as name, address, home college, etc. Many items can be corrected on WebAdvisor. If you make any changes to your imported information (especially your home college or major), it is also a good idea to let us know so that we can double check that your information is correct. You can send an email to olayide.coston@mvc.edu and your information will be checked for updates.

Yes. You can edit your essay at any time within the scholarship application up until the deadline.

Yes, you may edit your answers up until the deadline.

You need to think of someone (preferably an instructor, counselor, or employer) who can attest to your academic and/or personal strengths and ask them if they would be willing to provide a scholarship recommendation. Ask them for their email and enter it in the scholarship application where indicated. They will then receive an email from the scholarship system and will be able to log into the system and complete a recommendation questionnaire in your scholarship application. You only need one recommendation to apply for scholarships, but it is highly recommended that you have one or two more.

At the top of your scholarship home page, click on “References.” You will then see a list of the people from which you have requested a recommendation/reference. It will say “Requested” or “Submitted.”

If it says “Submitted” the recommendation has been received and will be visible to the review committee.

If it says “Requested” the recommendation has not been provided. You then have the option of sending a reminder email. Remember those from whom you request a recommendation have the right to decline the request or just not complete it. That is why it is always a good idea to have one or two others in mind as a back-up to provide the recommendation. Also, don’t forget to ask in plenty of time for them to be able to submit it on time.

If you have been matched to a scholarship that requires an unofficial transcript, you will need to upload it to the scholarship application. To request a copy of your unofficial transcript, go to your home college website and log into WebAdvisor. Then click on STUDENT. Under ACADEMIC PROFILE click on “View/Print my Unofficial Transcript.” You will not be able to save the transcript to your desktop, so you need to print it out, scan it and then save it to your desktop or a memory device. Then, you will be able to upload it when necessary during the scholarship application process.

On your main scholarship page after you log in, you will see your General Application and it will say “Submitted.”

Anything that says “Drafted” is not complete and requires more attention or information from you. Please pay attention to any messages at the top of your home scholarship page.

Sorry, you may be able to submit your application after the deadline, but you will not be matched to scholarships for which you meet the criteria. Please start early and don’t wait until the last minute.

On the log-in page, there is a button to re-set your password. Just follow the instructions provided. However, please remember that you will be locked out after 10 log-in attempts and you will have to wait one hour to request to re-set your password.

You are matched to scholarships for which you meet the criteria (that is why we ask you so many questions in the application). After you are matched to scholarships there are two types. One type of matched scholarship (referred to as “Auto-Match”) does not require any further action on your part and you will be considered for those scholarships. However, you will not see a list of those scholarships. The other type of matched scholarships (referred to as “Apply-To”) will need extra information and action from you to determine further eligibility. These will show up on your home scholarship page and you will need to detail into each one to complete the application process to be considered for these scholarships. When the status of the scholarship shows as “Submitted” you are done applying for the scholarship. If it says “Drafted” further action is needed and you will not be considered for the scholarship until it is complete.

The scholarship opportunities that list the amount as “varies” are scholarships that the award amount can change from year to year and we do not yet know the amount at the time of application. You will be notified of the amount when you are offered the scholarship.

The method of selecting recipients of RCCD scholarships is determined by the donor of the scholarship funds. The applications may be reviewed by a donor committee or by the RCCD Scholarship Committees at each college (MVC, NC, RCC). The RCCD Scholarship Committees are made up of a combination of RCCD faculty and classified professionals from each college who are committed to equality and fairness for all applicants as well as selecting the applicant who best fits the donor’s requirements and scholarship criteria. Your scholarship application is reviewed and scored and the applicant(s) with the highest scores are offered the scholarship.

If you are selected as a recipient of a scholarship from RCCD, you will be offered the scholarship(s) in the scholarship system website.

The system will send an email to your student email account with information regarding the scholarship offer. You will need log into the scholarship system to accept the scholarship award, and then you will receive more information regarding eligibility, disbursement and the recognition events.

If you are not selected as a recipient of a scholarship from RCCD, you will not receive an offer email from the scholarship system. On your scholarship page in the scholarship system, you will see the scholarship status listed as “Not Selected.” However, please know that your application will remain active in case a new scholarship comes available or alternates are needed for scholarships for which the original recipient is no longer eligible.

While it is not necessarily mandatory, if you are selected as a recipient, we highly encourage that you attend the scholarship recognition event. Often, the donor of the scholarship and/or their families or representatives will want to meet you, so please make every effort to attend. There have also been times when the donor has requested that the scholarship be given to an alternate due to the recipient not attending the ceremony, so please consider making this a priority. If you are unable to attend due to circumstances beyond your control, please notify us in advance so that we can let the donor know why you are not in attendance.

It is always a good idea to show your gratitude as a recipient of scholarship funds to those who have unselfishly provided those funds. It also shows respect and good manners on your part. However, there are many scholarships where a thank you letter is required and the scholarship funds will not be disbursed until the letter is received. The scholarships for which a thank you letter is required are scholarships associated with The Osher Foundation (the name of the scholarship will include “Osher”). For these and other scholarships, there is a place in the scholarship application to type in your thank you letter once you have been offered and accepted the scholarship. You can also drop off a hard copy to the Student Financial Services office at your home college. Don’t let not writing a thank you letter be a reason your scholarship funds are not disbursed or delayed!

Possibly. After the fall semester, the units completed and the current cumulative GPA are reviewed for all recipients of continuing scholarships. If a recipient of a scholarship does not meet the donor’s requirements for each scholarship, they will be found ineligible to receive the spring portion of their scholarship. So, if the scholarship you were awarded requires a 3.0 GPA for example, you need to maintain a 3.0 GPA. And, for example, if the scholarship requires full time enrollment, you need to complete 12 units in the fall semester to receive your spring portion. While we make every effort to disburse the scholarship funds, some scholarship criteria are stricter than others.

The scholarship funds for continuing students (attending MVC, NC or RCC) are disbursed in the same manner as all other financial aid is disbursed (via BankMobile Disbursements, a technology solution, powered by BMTX, Inc.) and according to the financial aid disbursement schedule. Generally, it is on the first disbursement of the semester as long as you are enrolled in the number of units required for your scholarship. If you enroll in units later, the disbursement will be delayed until the next financial aid disbursement date.

If you were awarded a transfer scholarship, the funds are sent to your transfer university at the end of August before the fall semester. You must enter the information about your transfer university in the place provided when you accept your scholarship. Please do this before the end of July. You can also send the transfer school information via email to the scholarship coordinator at your home college. Also, sometimes we may have not yet received the funds for the scholarships at the time of the first disbursement. In that case, the scholarship funds will be disbursed on the next financial aid disbursement date.

If you were awarded a scholarship as a student transferring from RCCD based on the information provided on your scholarship application and you had planned to transfer but now will be continuing at RCCD, please notify the scholarship coordinator at your home college. You may or may not be eligible for the scholarship depending on the donor’s criteria. Unfortunately, some scholarships are designated only for continuing or transfer students. 


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