Academic Affairs program review is a collaborative process designed to help assess, set goals, improve and refine instructional programs and non-instructional support services. It is intended to be flexible, collegial, relevant, practical, and should result in a clear sense of direction and accomplishment for participants.

Division of Academic Affairs Instructional Program Review

Comprehensive Reports

Comprehensive Reports are completed on a three-year cycle and are available to the public. Annual reports are completed each year by October 1 and are stored in Nuventive Solutions.

2022-23 Comprehensive Reports  Instructional Reports


All division of Academic Affairs units, whether instructional or non-instructional, undergo self-study as part of a process that results in a comprehensive assessment of institutional effectiveness, in accordance with strategic planning goals and the institutional mission. Further work goes into identifying needed resources and generating an annual list of prioritized resource requests. Resource allocations and planning for each unit are directly impacted by this planning process.

Nuventive Solutions is the platform used for annual and comprehensive program review.

Involved Programs and Departments

  • Academic Support
  • Department of Instruction (Academic Schools and Deans of Instruction)
    • Business, Health and Human Services; Science, Technology, Engineering and Math
    • Communications, English and World Languages; Humanities, Education, Social and Behavioral Sciences; Visual and Performing Arts
    • Public Safety Education and Training
  • Distance Education
  • Dual Enrollment
  • Division of Academic Affairs (Vice President)
  • Instructional Programs

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