The Governance, Planning, and Decision-Making Taskforce (GPDM) is a task force charged with reviewing and proposing organizational changes to the shared governance structure of Moreno Valley College. The approved governance model, to be enacted in 2023-24, is available for review.

New Governance Model (pdf) Proposal (pdf) Presentation (pdf)


This joint task force is to review our current college governance, planning and decision-making processes and make recommendations for changes, updating and documentation of processes. At minimum, the work of the task force should include:

  • Review existing structure and processes; 
  • Explore governance structures of other colleges within and beyond RCCD; 
  • Ground the review in context of Education Code, CCR Title 5 (Chapter 6), and RCCD Board Policy as relates to shared governance; 
  • Honor and respect the work conducted to date by Leadership and Governance Subcommittee of Strategic Planning Council; 
  • Recommend changes or revisions to SPC and MVC Academic Senate 

Governance Design Principles

  1. Clarity – Governance and decision-making should be clear, understandable for all constituent groups at MVC.
  2. Flexibility & Stability – Governance and decision-making must be flexible to adapt through change and stable to support the college through emergencies.
  3. Participatory – Governance and decision-making includes broad and equitable participation/leadership from all constituent groups. This principle includes shared leadership of general college governance committees.
  4. Transparency – Governance and decision-making processes should provide consistent information to the entire college community.
  5. Simplicity & Efficiency – Governance and decision-making structures should avoid overlapping responsibilities/charges, avoid unnecessary committees/relationships/layers, and are easy to understand.
  6. Accountability – Governance and decision-making structures should adhere to their charges, timelines, and reporting responsibilities. 


This task force includes Strategic Planning Council co-chairs; Standard IV (Leadership & Governance) co-chairs; Academic Senate president; and an Associated Students of MVC Representative.
  • Mark Figueroa, VP Planning and Development, SPC Co-Chair
  • Felipe Galicia, Academic Senate President
  • Evelyn Gonzalez, SPC Classified Professional Co-Chair
  • Shyann Rhames, Associated Students MVC Representative
  • Arlene Serrato, Standard IV Classified Professional Co-Chair
  • Christopher Sweeten, VP Student Services and Standard IV Administrator Co-Chair
  • Joel Webb, SPC Faculty Co-Chair
  • Kemari Wofford, Associated Students MVC Representative
  • Charles Wilhite, Standard IV Faculty Co-Chair
  • AnnaMarie Amezquita, former Standard IV Administrator Facilitator
  • Jennifer Floerke, former Academic Senate President
  • Carlos Lopez, former SPC Administrator Co-Chair
  • Abel Sanchez, former SPC Faculty Co-Chair


Review prior work and planned next steps in the creation of a revised governance structure.
  • Academic Senate Works with SPC to remove overlapping responsibilities with 10+1 areas
  • Academic Senate and SPC Leadership meet with President to discuss a full review of Governance, Planning, and Decision-Making at MVC
  • Governance, Planning, and Decision-Making Taskforce (GPDM) formed as a joint effort between SPC and the Academic Senate
  • Initial Meetings occur late Spring 2021
  • GPDM Taskforce reviews analysis, survey results, and draft Governance Handbook produced by the Standard IV Committee of SPC
  • Collected governance and decision-making models from seven California Community Colleges for review: Gavilan College, LA Valley College, MiraCosta College, Norco College, Orange Coast College, Skyline College, and Ventura College
  • 2 half-day retreats to review current MVC structures and external college structures, develop draft governance (re)design principles, and creation of three initial proposals for MVC high-level governance structure.  
  • The three proposed governance models presented to SPC and Academic Senate
  • Feedback gathered on the three proposed structures. Based on the feedback provided the first model is unanimously identified as the preferred model.
  • Additional feedback and input sought from areas most directly affected, such as equity and diversity groups, business/resources groups, accreditation lead, Academic Senate.
  • Fall 2022
    • Continue seeking input and feedback from college community
    • Finalize proposed governance structure
    • Complete Committee Details, Charges, Membership, and Decision-Making Flow
  • February – May 2023
    • Governance Review of New Model at MVC
  • May – June 2023 
    • District Governance Review
  • Fall 2023
    • Full implementation of new Governance and Decision-Making Structure