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Being a Moreno Valley College student affords you several benefits, from access to free services, discounted software and hardware, as well as free public transportation and access to select on-campus events. Many of these benefits are paid for with your student services fee, which is part of your tuition. 

Associated Students of Moreno Valley College

The Associated Students of Moreno Valley College (ASMVC) is funded through your student services fee. ASMVC relies on your contributions each term to provide unique discounts and experiences to MVC students, fund student clubs and organizations, and support qualifying students through grants and scholarships. While you have the right to waive this additional, many benefits may become unavailable to students who have chosen to waive their student services fee.

About ASMVC Student Events

Student ID Discounts

Discounts? Don't hesitate to ask! Most local business, dining places, shopping stores give student discounts. Just show your MVC Student ID Card to see what discounts are available to you! You also get discounts for: Photo ID, Free Admission to Live Entertainment, Eligible to Participate in Student Government, Bookstore Discounts, Free Campus Music Concerts, Free Admission to Recognition Banquets (if being honored), Discounts at Local Merchants, Free Barbecues and Food Giveaways, Representation by ASMVC Membership, Free Admission to Athletic Events, and many, many other events!

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RTA Go-Pass Program

MVC students registered in one or more units can ride anywhere RTA travels using your mobile Go-Pass! Travel on RTA begins the first day of the term for registered students; registering after the term begins will delay bus riding privileges.

Once you've registered and paid your tuition, you'll receive an email to your student account about finishing your RTA registration. Complete the process, download the mobile RTA app, and log in. After that, simply validate your mobile pass whenever you board and enjoy the ride.

About RTA Go-Pass

Student Health & Psychological Services

Did you know that you can get free counseling sessions through Health & Psychological Services with your Student ID? 

Health and Wellness at MVC

Software and Hardware Discounts


As an RCCD student, you can install Microsoft Office 365 on your personal device, as well as access Microsoft Office applications online through your web browser.

Moreno Valley College, Norco College, Riverside City College, and Riverside Community College District do not provide technical support for personal devices. If you encounter an issue with the Microsoft Office product and require assistance, please contact Microsoft. This subscription is only valid while you have an active student email account with RCCD.

Students can get access to Adobe Creative Cloud only if they are taking a class that requires any application from the suite. Students, contact your instructor for more information.

To install the Adobe Creative Suite, you can watch this short video as a guide.

  • CollegeBuys offers software and hardware at discounted prices thanks to the foundation for California Community Colleges. Discounts are available on Adobe Creative Cloud, Microsoft Office, Mobile Citizen, Rosetta Stone, laptops, tablets, and more.
  • Adobe Creative Cloud: 60% off monthly subscription pricing with annual agreement. Requires .edu email.
  • Microsoft Office: Available to students free of charge. Available to staff and faculty with a license.
  • Techsmith: Discount on Camtasia video editor or access to free education version called Jing.


  • Google Docs, Slides and Sheets: The Google Workspace suite offers free alternatives to common productivity programs for word processing, presentations and data. Keep in mind that enrolled MVC students receive free access to Microsoft Office 365 and related applications, free of charge.

Media and Design

  • Autodesk: Free education license software with .edu email address.


  • Java: Java is a programming language and computing platform. Java is utilized in programming numerous desktop applications.
  • Microsoft Visual Studio Community: Visual Studio is an integrated development environment for programming in all languages.

Linkedin Learning is provided at no cost to MVC students through our single sign-on platform. Simply log in with your student email address and password and click on Linkedin Learning from the list of applications and services.

Launch Linkedin Learning

The Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP) is a US government program that helps many low income households pay for broadband service and internet connected devices. ACP offers $30 monthly discount on home internet (up to $75 per month for households on qualifying Tribal Lands) and a one-time discount of up to $100 for a computer or a tablet.

For more information and to apply, visit the Affordable Connectivity Program site. Riverside County Connect (RIVCO Connect) can also help you apply to get fast, reliable home internet at no cost. Contact them at (866) 922-1016 or apply online.

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