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Welcome to Extended Opportunity Programs & Services (EOPS) at Moreno Valley College. EOPS and its supplementary programs, CARE and NextUp, are designed to go the extra mile for educationally and economically disadvantaged students who will benefit from continual personalized help over the course of their college careers.

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Koko Randolph, your EOPS/CARE/NextUp specialist, is available to answer your application, service and college questions. Contact him or stop by his office.

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Our Programs and Services

EOPS provides additional educational and financial support services to those offered by Moreno Valley College to eligible students who have historically experienced economic and educational disadvantages. EOPS students that qualify may also seek additional resources from CARE, NextUp or Guardian Scholars.
CARE is a state program that helps to meet the unique needs of single parents. Students, who are single heads of welfare households with young children, receive additional counseling, child care and transportation assistance, help with supplies, workshops and more. CARE students are also enrolled in the EOPS program.
Funded by the California Community College system, NextUp provides students with resources that make a difference. The program offers eligible current and former foster youth support and services that could include help with books and supplies, transportation, tutoring, food and emergency housing. NextUp students are also enrolled in the EOPS program.
The Guardian Scholars program supports current and former foster youth exiting the foster care system and helps them become self-supporting, community leaders, role models, and competent professionals. Guardian scholars students do NOT have to be enrolled in EOPS, but may benefit from doing so.

Our Mission

The mission of the Moreno Valley College EOPS/CARE Programs is to assist low income and/or educationally disadvantaged members of the community in enrolling, remaining in, and ultimately graduating from college.

In order to aid its participants in reaching their academic goals, MVC's EOPS/CARE programs provide participants with the necessary tools for a positive, successful and productive educational experience through services that are "above and beyond" those offered by the College.

Become an EOPS Student

The EOPS application period is open twice per year on WebAdvisor. Applications are processed on a first-come, first-serve basis. Application periods may be extended or reopened as needed.

  • Fall term: May 4 - June 30
  • Spring term: November 1 - 30

If you meet EOPS or CARE eligibility requirements, log into WebAdvisor, click on the Student Menu Tab, and complete the "EOPS SUPPLEMENTAL APPLICATION."

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We are here to help! Your EOPS success team can help you plan classes, access resources, and stay on track to graduate and transfer.


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Current Student Information and Resources

Hello, EOPS/CARE students! Use the following resources and information to stay on top of your academics and program requirements.

As an enrolled EOPS student, log into Canvas to find information for the EOPS program. You'll be automatically enrolled in an EOPS course with resources. Refer to the semesterly calendar of events and important dates to ensure you stay on top of your counselor meetings, progress reports, and so on.

Launch Canvas to find EOPS Information

All counseling appointments are scheduled through the EOPS office or online via the ConexEd appointment system. Appointments are scheduled on a first-come, first serve basis. Each counseling appointment is 30 minutes. Walk-in meetings are a minimum of 5 minutes and a maximum of 10 minutes and must be scheduled by calling ahead.

EOPS/CARE, NextUp and Guardian Scholars Counseling

  • California Reality Check - Learn about how much money you may need to earn to support your future lifestyle and personal goals
  • College Navigator - Search by majors or chosen fields of study and find a listing of U.S. colleges and universities that offer that particular major or field of study
  • ASSIST - Educational Search Programs

Additional Services


Support for former foster youth is also provided through supplemental programs like NextUp and MVC's Guardian Scholars program. As a supplementary program, NextUp requires EOPS program enrollment, while Guardian Scholars does not.

Guardian Scholars

The EOPS Summer Bridge Program offers learning communities designed to increase students' academic and personal success through the structuring of the learning environment. Students participating in a learning community are enrolled in linked or clustered classes that are taught in a cooperative environment between instructors.

Each learning community focuses on a specific academic need and has an assigned counselor to assist students. The Bridge Program is perfect for students who are underprepared academically, are economically disadvantaged, and need additional support in their first year at Moreno Valley. Bridge students also form lasting friendships. They tend to share educational goals, interests, and similar backgrounds. We work with students to promote their transfer success to universities.

Join us to been chosen to spend four weeks in the EOPS Summer Bridge Program. It's the perfect summer program for freshmen entering Moreno Valley College straight out of high school. Students will take guidance classes that prepare them for college-level coursework and will fast-track students to a college degree!

Other benefits of the EOPS Summer Bridge Program include:

  • priority consideration for hard-to-get classes for fall semester
  • field trips, counseling and other support services
  • Students will learn what it takes to succeed in college and in life, along with making new friends to the start the school year together!
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