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IT and Cybersecurity Apprenticeship

Careers in information technology await

Careers in information technology or cybersecurity gained through an apprenticeship program can provide you with benefits and opportunities not found through traditional employment paths. MVC can help you start your journey to becoming an apprentice.

Aligned programs of study

  • Information Technology (IT)
    • Information Technology Certificate
    • IT Support and Sales Certificate
    • IT Systems Specialist Certificate
  • Cybersecurity
    • IT Cybersecurity Associate Degree
    • Cybersecurity Analyst Certificate
    • Cybersecurity Specialist Certificate
    • Cybersecurity Healthcare Specialist Certificate

How to get started

  1. Apply for MVC and choose the program of study that aligns with your goals.
  2. Complete pre-apprenticeship requirements so you meet apprenticeship qualifications.
  3. Find and interview with an employer that offers registered apprenticeships.
  4. Complete your apprentice training and graduate.

How to go from pre-apprentice to apprentice

MVC can ensure you're ready to become an apprentice with our pre-apprentice to apprenticeship pathway. Pre-apprenticeship not only ensures you have the entry-level knowledge and skills needed to find the right registered apprenticeship, but prepares you further with job readiness training, resume help, certification test prep and more.
  • MVC prepares students to enter a registered apprenticeship program through career and skill preparation. This includes prerequisite courses, resume and interview preparation, certification practice tests, advising and more. This is called pre-apprenticeship.
  • When students complete pre-apprenticeship requirements, they will have the opportunity to interview with employers offering registered apprenticeship opportunities. Just like an interview for any other job, you need to come to the table with a basic set of skills and understanding of the field you're trying to enter.
  • Students seeking cybersecurity apprenticeships must first complete a minimum amount of training in an information technology apprenticeship.
  • Participating students must have the right to work in the United States and reliable transportation.
  1. Attend a pre-apprenticeship information and registration session: These sessions ensure you understand pre-apprenticeship to apprenticeship employment opportunities. Information and registration sessions are offered a few times a year.
  2. Complete required coursework: These classes can be complete prior to or during pre-apprenticeship.
    • CIS-1A − Introduction to Computer Information Systems
    • CIS-25 − Information and Communication Technology Essentials
    • CIS-27 − Information and Network Security
  3. Register in Canvas and take one or both CompTIA practice test(s). These tests are housed in the IT Security Canvas shell and you will be invited to it upon completing your registration session and required coursework. The CompTIA A+ test can be taken after completing CIS-25 and the CompTIA Security test after completing CIS-27. You must pass the practice tests at 80 percent or better. 
  4. Share required documentation in Canvas:
    • Unofficial transcript showing completion of required preapprenticeship courses.
    • Resume reflecting coursework and passing CompTIA practice tests.
    • Proof of passing CompTIA practice test(s).
    • Complete apprenticeship and job readiness preparation topics (resume, cover letter, interviews, dress for success, job application and search skills, setting up Linkedin, and so on).
  1. Interview with Registered Apprenticeship companies: Connect with the apprenticeship director to get on the eligible apprenticeship ready lists for companies. Once complete, you'll apply and interview with registered apprenticeship companies.
  2. Complete the Selection Process: Employers interview and select pre-apprentices to hire as registered apprentices. Unselected pre-apprentices are added to a database of eligible apprentices for future interviews as positions become available.
  3. Register as an Apprentice: Make an appointment with apprenticeship director and complete the Apprenticeship Agreement registration packet. This packet includes the MVC LAUNCH application form, and the California Division of Apprenticeship Standards and Department of Labor apprentice agreements.
  1. Meet with a STEM Counselor: Complete an educational plan aligning your apprenticeship and apprenticeship-approved certificate or degree program. Once you have your educational plan, complete the apprenticeship coursework form with your counselor and return it to the apprenticeship director.
  2. Activate your WorkHands account: Accept the invitation to join WorkHands and use it to upload apprenticeship documents, track courses and complete quarterly employer competency assessment evaluations.
  3. Take approved apprenticeship courses: Enroll in courses relevant to your degree program and apprenticeship pathway. These courses are listed on your educational plan. Tuition is waived for these apprenticeship courses. The Apprenticeship Program requires 144 hours per year, which is two to three courses. During this time, you must remain employed as a registered apprentice.
  4. Complete progress meetings: Meet quarterly or as needed with the apprenticeship director to track progress toward completion. Completion includes passing employer apprenticeship work-based competencies and completing required coursework.

Once you complete your apprenticeship program, you will be able to:

  • Graduate while earning a certificate or degree in IT or cybersecurity, offered as one of MVC's Career & Technical Education programs of study
  • Earn CompTIA certifications (check with apprenticeship director for details)
  • Check eligiblity for an IT/cybersecurity journey certification from the Department of Apprenticeship Standards or the Department of Labor
  • Check eligibility for the CSUSB's Inland Empire Cyber Initiative (IECI) cybersecurity apprenticeship program, which provides tuition assistance toward students pursuing a bachelor's of science in cybersecurity, if you are a Cybersecurity AS degree apprenticeship graduate and are transferring to CSUSB.

What's next after apprenticeship?


Regional Employers

You don't need to go far to find good employment. Many businesses and organizations in southern California employ MVC apprentices and graduates.

  • Acorn Technologies
  • City of Moreno Valley
  • County of Riverside
  • CyberTek
  • Dynamic Computer Specialists
  • EKC Enterprises
  • Loma Linda University
  • Optiva IT
  • San Bernardino Superintendent of Schools
  • VantageLED
  • ZJW Incorporated

Possible Careers

These common job titles represent entry-level positions that you may qualify for after completing an appreticeship.

  • IT Helpdesk Technician, Support Assistant or Specialist
  • IT Field Tech Assistant
  • Automated Systems Technician
  • IT Support Associate
  • IT Specialist
  • IT Security Analyst
  • Cybersecurity Techniccian
  • Information Systems Security Specialist
  • Cyber Systems Analyst
  • Computer Support Technician
MVC graduates

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