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Fall 2022 Summary

Find out about exciting changes, updates and new practices as of the fall 2022 term. Last updated November 9.
  • 2022–23 Annual FTES Target is 6539. As of fall 2022 (November 9), MVC has earned 3,367.60, so we've hit 51.5% of our goal.
  • Winter and spring 2023 enrollment is ongoing. General registration appointments started November 7.
  • Creation of the Strategic Enrollment Management Plan is underway, with a draft anticipated to go through shared governance in February 2023. 
  • This fall, numerous events fostering student engagement have been held. Highlights include:
    • One Book, One College Climate Change Faculty Panel with four faculty discussing topics like eating sustainably, the impact of warehouses on the Inland Empire, water conservation and the socioeconomic impacts of sea level rise.
    • The Music discipline hosted a workshop with Jack Sanders covering the history of the guitar. A group of high school students also visited the College to attend this event.
    • Puente brought students to UCR's Transfer Motivational Conference in October.
    • The College, through the School of Visual and Performing Arts and the MVC Art Gallery, has hired Rosy Cortez (see her portfolio), MVC alumna and a painter/muralist, to paint a mural in front of the Humanities building. A meet and greet was recently held where campus stakeholders shared ideas.
    • The MVC Expo was a success and brought together numerous career and technical programs, the iMAKE Innovation Center, as well as employers like CalFIRE and RSD, in a showcase within Coudures Plaza.
  • A recent media preferences survey (state-wide) has affirmed the ways that students prefer to learn about their higher education options.
  • Activities have included the June 2022 website redesign, the launch of a new virtual tour and campus map, and ongoing digital and print advertising efforts to motivate students to apply and enroll. Analytics are trending very strongly with our digital media efforts. Beyond that, MVC has also restructured onboarding, participated in a regional conversion campaign (June - August 2022) and developed a communications plan for messaging and strategy. The end goal is to reinforce the "pipeline" of students moving from initial application to completion, and mitigate any pressure points and areas where they could stop out.
  • Upcoming marketing projects include campus banners and fencing windscreens to promote welcoming and motivational messaging as well as to assist with wayfinding; a marketing and communications plan; the production of new collateral for print and digital media; and a spring brochure focusing on outcomes and accomplishments. 
  • The MVC community is welcome to submit ideas, feedback, and stories about the positive impact MVC has had on you.
  • The Student Services Building renovation project is expected to begin on March 2023. Most rooms have been vacated, though STU 101 will remain available until February 2023. Anticipated completion will be April/May of 2024.
  • The Welcome Center is now home to:
    • Existing: Admissions and Records, Student Financial Services, Outreach, Common Ground (Dream, Pride, Puente and Umoja services)
    • New: TRIO ACES and the engagement Centers for the schools of:
      • Humanities, Education, Social and Behavioral Sciences (WC 130)
      • Communications, English and World Languages (WC 140)
      • Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (WC 14)
  • Student Academic Services 206 now hosts the permanent engagement centers for the schools of Business, Health and Human Services, and Visual & Performing Arts.
  • Parkside Complex currently hosts:
    • Existing: Veterans Resources Center, Student Health & Psychological Services and Monty's Market (formerly the Food Pantry)
    • New: EOPS/CARE and NextUp (PSC 14) and TRIO Upward Bound/UBMS (PSC 17)
  • The Student Activities Center is home to ASMVC and TRIO Talent Search
  • The First-Year Experience program and its related support services are being adopted into the functions of each school's success team.
  • MVC's TRIO Upward Bound and Upward Bound Math & Science were renewed for another 5 years
  • MVC is now a recipient of the Veterans Upward Bound grant
  • MVC has been named a Peer Advisors for Veteran Education (PAVE) college, which trains Veteran students to be peer advisors focused on supporting their Veteran peers.
  • MVC has been awarded a two-year Rising Scholars grant, which serves California's incarcerated and formerly incarcerated community college students.
  • MVC's FY 2022-23 revenue is $85,068,457, with 66% of those funds coming from General Fund - Apportionment and 28% from Grants and Categorical Programs.
  • Projected expenditures for FY 2022-23 are $58,969,157 with 81.9% coming from salaries and benefits, and the other from operating expenses, capital outlay, supplies and materials and so on.
  • Trainings about Galaxy, Concur, PO processing, Accounts Payable reconciliation and more can be found on the Division of Business Services page or in the new Training section of the website. Additional workshops and trainings will continue to be held and all are welcome to attend.
  • MVC was awarded a planning grant in the amount of $540,000 to explore the feasibility of constructing affordable student rental housing as part of SB169, a one-time appropriated general fund award for the Higher Education Student Housing Grant Program. Initial surveys and studies, facilitated by HED Architect and the Scion Advisory Group, have suggested there is both interest and need in affordable housing for students. Additional funds are available through the state to cover the cost of construction. The District will continue to prepare to apply for a construction grant.
  • As part of District-wide sustainability, each RCCD location is part of a solar initiative to further invest in renewable energy. A solar and battery storage system, as well as EV charging stations, will be distributed across the five RCCD campuses. The project is in the procurement phase. 
  • MVC Solar Panels will be located in Parking Lot B and hillside North of College Park while 24 EV Charging Stations will be located in Parking Lot B.
  • The project would provide an estimated net savings over 25 years of system performance (around $37 million).

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