College Logos, Seals and Marks

The Moreno Valley College graphic marks depict our College's focus on partnerships and the accessibility found here as exemplified by the supportive staff in a beautiful environment. Each logo mark conveys the College's unique identity.

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Moreno Valley College's formal identity consist of three elements: the wordmark, the monogram and the seal. These elements are combined or used in various ways, as appropriate, to convey the College's identity.
Moreno Valley College Wordmark

The Wordmark

The Moreno Valley College wordmark is a unique typography signature that displays the College's name with the first letters of each word interlocked. This logo provides name recognition in a large system of 113 California Community Colleges and underscores the interconnected relationship of our campus community.
MVC monogram

The Monogram

The monogram consists of the College's initials (M, V, and C), interlocked in a vertical chain. The design is consistent with the wordmark. This mark allows for us to recognize and leverage the shorthand used to identify the College: our acronym.
Moreno Valley College Seal

The Seal

The seal is the College's most formal visual element. Commonly called the Beacon on the Hill, the seal represents the College's commitment to education, our partnerships with our community, our primary campus' location in the heart of Moreno Valley, and the year of our accreditation.

Primary Logo

Interlocking Wordmark

The Moreno Valley College wordmark is the primary college logo and should always be the first choice in any publication. The primary color for the logo is teal and it must always be reproduced in this color or in black and white.

Guidelines and Restrictions

The wordmark may be reproduced in black, white or MVC teal.

  • Do not tint the logo to a different color.
  • Do not deviate from approved colors.
  • The logo may be used as a watermark with minimum 10% opacity and maximum 50% opacity.

This wordmark should never be smaller than 0.75 inches wide in print, and never smaller than 100 pixels wide in digital applications. The proportions of the MVC interlocking logo may never be altered.

  • Do not stretch, skew or distort the logo such that the original proportions change.
  • Do not rotate the logo.

Using clear space, or white space, ensures that the wordmark has space to breathe and allows clear recognition. 

  • The wordmark should have a minimum white-space around it, with the guide being the width of an "L" in "College." No other text, graphics or elements should appear in this space.
  • Under no circumstances should the edge of the wordmark touch the edge of a composition or another branding element.

The wordmark may be reproduced in other colors on special occasions, as approved by Strategic Communications.

Two Column

Spacing requirements for MVC logo
Spacing and sizing requirements


Secondary Marks

Marks or logos other than the primary wordmark may be utilized in cases of co-branding, size restrictions, or with official approval by the MVC President's Cabinet. See below for usage instructions.
Horizontal logo

Horizontal Wordmark

The horizontal version of the wordmark is the secondary MVC logo and may be used only when nothing other than a horizontal solution is feasible. Similar restrictions apply to the horizontal wordmark as to the primary wordmark, except for:

  • Minimum width: 150 pixels or 1.5 inches
Co-branded logo

Internal Co-Brand

Co-branding means using the primary Moreno Valley College logo in conjunction with the name of a department or program. At request, the Printing and Graphics Center will create co-branded logos for departments and programs.

  • Required font: Avenir
  • Orientation: Vertical, with the interlocking wordmark on top and the name of the department below.
MVC initialism


The wordmark may be abbreviated into MVC's monogram when space or ability to convey the full logo is impossible due to size constraints. Examples of where this using this symbol is appropriate is on building signage (such as the lit sign on the side of the Student Academic Services building) or the website favicon symbol. The monogram is special case only and may only be used with permission. Using this symbol on fliers or marketing collateral is unacceptable.

Stacked logo and seal

Formal Wordmark with Seal (Vertical)

This mark is made up of two components: the wordmark and the official college seal. The formal mark is for official and ceremonial purposes only. Usage must be approved on a case by case basis. Contact the Office of Strategic Communications and Relations for permission.

The components of this logo may never be rearranged, altered or reproduced, unless prior approval is gained by College administration.

Horizontal logo with seal

Formal Wordmark with Seal (Horizontal)

The horizontal version of the wordmark with seal may be used only when nothing other than a horizontal solution is feasible. This is for formal and ceremonial use only. All media displaying this mark must be approved.

Beacon on the Hill College Seal

The Moreno Valley College seal symbolizes partnerships with the handshake and the beacon on the hill, and echoes the endorsement of the District and our accrediting body.


  • Approved Colors: The MVC seal can only be reproduced in the official Moreno Valley College teal or black. The seal can be reversed when printed on a dark color background.
  • Foil Stamping: It can be foil stamped in silver, gold, or bronze. The minimum height when foil stamping is one-half inch.
  • Watermark: The seal can be printed as a watermark behind official Moreno Valley College documents such as transcripts. When screening the seal for a watermark, it cannot be screened back further than 90% of official MVC teal or black.
  • Minimum Size: The seal should never be smaller than 0.75 inches wide in print, and never smaller than 100 pixels wide in digital applications.
  • White space: The seal should never be closer to the edge of a composition than .25 inches or 100 pixels, or closer to another graphic element or logo than the distance of the width of the "2010" accreditation year.
  • Special Usage: The seal is to be used only on official College documents. It may never be used for marketing except for official and ceremonial events. Instead, use the primary logo.
Two Column


The MVC lion may only be reproduced or embroidered in the official MVC teal or black (see color guide). It cannot be reversed. The MVC mascot may only be reproduced on solid color backgrounds. It should never be embroidered or reproduced on any multi-colored background. The MVC athletic and school spirit mark is made up of the lion stepping out of the circle background and the text MVC lions. This mark is intended for athletics, student activities, and other uses to promote school spirit. It is not appropriate for academic or business use.

Athletics Mark and Mascot
Athletics mark and mountain lion mascot

Ben Clark Training Center

The Ben Clark Public Safety Training Center (BCTC), located 11 miles from the main Moreno Valley College campus, is one of the largest public safety training centers in Southern California. Ben Clark Training Center is comprised of a partnership with MVC, Riverside County Sheriff's Department, California Department of Forestry & Fire Protection, Riverside County Fire Department, California Highway Patrol, and Riverside County Probation Department. 

The Ben Clark Training Center, as an education center, utilizes a challenge coin logo that demonstrates the Center's commitment to public safety and the partnership-based programs available.

Service and Program Logos

Select MVC services and programs have dedicated logos. Unless approved, programs may not brand themselves or use a graphic aimed at being an identifying mark outside of a standard co-branded logo. Approved logos include:
iMAKE Innovation Center logo

iMAKE Innovation Center

Promise Initiative Logo

MVC Promise Initiative


State or Federal Programs

These programs have logos set at the state or federal level.

  • CalWORKs
  • NextUp
  • Puente
  • TRIO
  • Umoja Community

Requesting Files

The logo is available in a variety of electronic file formats, each intended for a particular use depending on the media for which it will be reproduced. Selecting the correct file format will ensure that the logo is reproduced in the appropriate manner and will maintain the MVC brand identity. Logo requests may be sent to the college webmaster.

  • EPS - vector files are for use in professional printing applications; it prints in the highest resolution, it is scalable, and has a defined color model such as CMYK or spot color.
  • JPG - are bitmap images with RGB color. JPG versions of the MVC logos have opaque backgrounds in online and screen applications such as email and PowerPoint where the background is a solid white.
  • PNG - are bitmap images with RGB color. PNG versions of the MVC logos have transparent backgrounds and are the best options for PowerPoint or email or in applications where the background is not a solid white.

Logo on Colorful Backgrounds

When the MVC logo is used on color backgrounds, typically it should be printed in white or black. The MVC logo should never be used on a multi-colored background unless the background is screened with a solid color to increase contrast. While a drop shadow or keyline/border are alternative options, a solid color between 25% and 75% opacity is preferred. Consult with the Office of Strategic Communications and Relations for proper usage on color backgrounds.