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Social & Behavioral Studies

Study the human experience

As an area of emphasis program, Social and Behavioral Studies grants a comprehensive, multidisciplinary overview of the social and behavioral sciences. Students can choose to take courses in anthropology, administration of justice, sociology, psychology, history, political science and more. This program aims to help students apply the theories and principles of human development, human interaction, cultural diversity, and global awareness to their everyday lives.

Programs of Study

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Social and Behavioral Studies

Associate of Arts

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  • Online Options Available
Social and Behavioral Studies is a collection of academic disciplines dedicated to the scholarly study of the human experience. As a comprehensive and multidisciplinary area of study, Social and Behavioral Studies will afford the student an opportunity to explore and examine the nature and multitude of interactive relationships amongst and between individuals and between the individual and their social environment; ranging from the development of the individual, to the nuances of interpersonal interaction, to the dynamic structures of national and global communities.

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18 Units

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Why pursue social and behavioral studies?

Social and Behavioral Studies students gain a heightened awareness of the nature of their individuality, attain a greater understanding and appreciation of the complexities and diversity of the world in which they live and, become better equipped to succeed in an increasingly diverse and complex society.

What You'll Learn

  • A knowledge and understanding that the development, maintenance, and adaptation of the individual self and the personality is a product of the interaction between the individual and their social environment.
  • A breadth of knowledge of the social and cultural environments at the local, regional and global levels.
  • A working knowledge of the many facets and intricacies of social interaction from the intrapersonal, to the interpersonal to the societal levels.

Career Options

  • Law enforcement
  • Law practice
  • Human relations
  • Human resources
  • Social work
  • Professional childcare
  • Public service agencies
  • Teaching
  • Consultation in the public and private sectors
  • Governmental advisors
  • Speech writing
  • Domestic and international business