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Computer Science

Careers for the digital age

Computer science ensures you have the technical skills to keep up in a modernizing workforce. As a rapidly growing field that shows no signs of slowing down, computer science prepares you to specialize in a wide variety of careers from hardware engineering to data analysis to systems administration. At MVC, you'll learn foundational skills in programming, mathematics, and software systems and development.

School of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math

Programs of Study

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Computer Science for Transfer

Associate of Science for Transfer

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  • Online Options Available

The Associate in Science in Computer Science for Degree Transfer provides a solid preparation for transfer majors in computer science including an emphasis on object oriented programming logic in C++, computer architecture, calculus and calculus based physics.

This degree helps students with seamless transfer to a CSU in pursuit of upper division study and a bachelor's degree.

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29 units

Why pursue computer science?

Computing is part of the modern world. Studying computer science gives you a leg up on pursuing a stable, successful career in your chosen field. Whether you plan to work for big tech, join a start up, work freelance, or delve into subjects such as data security, software engineering, robotics or more, a foundation in computer science can help you get there. Plus, MVC's associate degree for transfer puts you on the right path to pursue further study.

What You'll Learn

  • How to write programs utilizing the following data structures: arrays, records, strings, linked lists, stacks, queues, and hash tables.
  • How to write and execute programs in assembly language illustrating typical mathematical and business applications.
  • How to demonstrate different traversal methods of trees and graphs.

Career Options

  • Operating System Engineer
  • Programmer
  • Software Developer
  • Systems Administrator
  • Web Designer and Developer
  • Technical Writer