About the Mural

In September of 2022, the School of Visual and Performing Arts and the MVC Art Gallery received a Century Circle Grant through the RCCD Foundation to support the production of a campus art mural at the College.

In collaboration with the MVC community, painter, muralist and MVC alumna, Rosy Cortez, completed the mural, titled MVC in Bloom, in the spring of 2023.

About the Artist 

Front facade of the Humanities Building


The mural runs across the concrete panels that surround the main stairway of the Humanities Building, which has high visibility from campus entrances at College Drive and Krameria Street.
Front facade of the Humanities Building with digital concept of mural


Cortez developed a design using bold colors, patterning related to the various areas of study at the College, and imagery representative of native flora and fauna from the region. Taken together, these pieces speak to the joy, connection, and growth that individuals achieve in the pursuit of higher education.


The MVC in Bloom mural project was developed by Ally Johnson, Ph.D., art gallery director, and made possible through the support of many across the College and Riverside Community College District (RCCD). 

Funding Support

MVC in Bloom was generously funded by an RCCD Foundation Century Circle Grant in collaboration with the Office of the President and the MVC Art Gallery.

Thank you to our amazing community members!

Members of the MVC and Moreno Valley community were invited to make their mark on campus by participating in Community Paint Days. Thank you to those who assisted with the production of our new campus mural. You've made your mark at MVC!

About the Artist

Artist Rosy Cortez in front of the El Trigo mural in Riverside, CA
Artist Rosy Cortez in front of the El Trigo mural in Riverside, CA.

Rosy Cortez is a painter and muralist based in the Inland Empire. She completed some of her earliest art classes at Moreno Valley College in 2012 before transferring to California State University, Long Beach to finish her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Studio Art with a concentration in figure painting. She is a member of the artist studio Eastside Arthouse and is a leading figure in the mural renaissance underway in Riverside, CA. Her work has been exhibited at The Cheech Marin Center for Chicano Art and is held in a number of private collections.

Cortez's Portfolio Cortez's Instagram

Adding to MVC's Campus Story

Moreno Valley College's public art consists of sculptures depicting the College's mountain lion mascot and three colorful, hand‐painted tile mosaics donated by local artist, Timothy L. Taylor, in 1998. These artworks are installed at the front of campus, indelibly marking MVC’s connection to and appreciation of creative expression. MVC in Bloom has greatly expanded on the College’s public art offerings, activating the entire campus as a canvas ripe for new and engaging visual storytelling.

Collage of photos of bronze mountain lion statues, campus plants in full bloom and the Taylor mosaics
MVC's public art includes bronze mountain lion statues, beautiful landscaping and three hand-painted tile mosaics.

Contributors and Volunteers

Jose Alacala
Genevieve Aleman
Jesse Aleman
Susie Aleman
Kiera Avila
Martha Ballon
Eddie Bautista
Patrick Barwinski
Heriberto Bonilla
Ruben Cabral
Ulises Cabrera
Cassandra Camacho
Levi Carcoba
Brandon Carn
Aaron Cerda
Roberto Cervantes
Uriel Cervantes
Gabriel Cervantes
Miguel Chavez
Merari Chavez
Miguel Chavez
James E. Coats
Irvinn Contreras
Jose De La Tone
Norma DeHorta
Roland Diaz
Matthew Diaz
Sugar Diga
Gabriela Estrada Toro
David Flores
Lilyanna Fuentes
Xavier Galicia

Sofia Galicia
Felipe Galicia
Rick Garcia
Giovanni Gonzalez
Gray Sonja
Gisselle Harvin
Yoselyne Henriquez
Litzy Hernandez
Stephanie Joseph
Andrea Lara Jara
Lilyana Lemus
Jasmine Lopez
Melissa Lopez
Yadira Lucas
Jackie Lucas
Armand Macias
Hannah Martinez
Gregory McClendon
Anessa McDonald
Patty McPherson
Norah McPherson
Vivian McPherson
Nicholas Millen
Martiza Millen
Tania Jazz Mont
Andrea Mont
Bev Montoga
Christy  Navarro
Chris Nunnery
Bryce O'Neil
Lizbeth Obellana
Maria Ocegueda
Sarah Olivarez

Andrea Ontiveros
Ekaterina Orlovie
Elaine Ortega
Nadine Ortega
Maria Alvarez de Pacheco
Eric Pacheco
Emma Pacheco
Bianca Pacheco
Roger Powell
Gisselle Ramirez
Yessenia Rocha
Jolene Saldivar
Willis Salomon 
Amber Jane Sayoc
Arlene Serrato
Kendrick Stephens
Carina Tamaya
Sam Tapia
Theresa Thompson
Hailey Thorig
Alexa Trauger
Carlina Triguero
Marcos Trinidad
Barbara Walton
Jessie Welch
Jared Wright 
Veronica Valdez
Briana Villegas
Hayley Yu
Melanie Yu
Danny Zúñiga
Caban Label Ink

Early Childhood Education Center

Lion Cubs Get Creative at the MVC Mural

Young students from the Moreno Valley College Early Childhood Education Center participated in the early stages of painting the MVC in Bloom mural. Lion Cubs donned painting smocks, pulled out paint brushes, and had some messy, creative fun. Thank you to these ECE scholars, and their amazing teachers, for helping paint the backgrounds for mural's nature-focused illustrations and for putting their mark on the campus.

Contributing Lion Cubs

Andres B.
Ariana G.
Ava C.
Carsyn W. 
Danny N.
Davian S.
George S.
Harper G.
Jayda V.
Leilani G.
Maximus F.  
Natalia N.
Onyx H.
Otis B.
Penelope C.
Sage C.
Sophia C.
Valerie R.
Yaneli P.

Alina C.
Andrea H.
Autumn S.
Avery L. 
Claire K.
Delilah Grace A.
Dior R.
Ella S.
Emilia M.
Emma G.
Emma S.
Erika Ayana S.
Ethaniel V.
Joseph "JJ" V.
Kannon M.
Liam S.
Mateo A.
Phoenix D.
Prince W.
Santiago O.
Zavian B.

Adda A.
Azariah L.
Dakota H.
Dylan C.
Elijah N.
Jamon J.
Jordell B.
Kross M.
Maeve Q.
Miguel A.
Ramiro P.
Sebastian A.
Timothy N.
Valentino N.
Yaretzy A.
Zoey T.

Aaron S.
Alina M.
Aria B.
Benjamin V.
Colin D.
Ezra S.
Greyson S.
Isabella E.
Joaquin O.
Logan L.
Luka A.
Madison N.
Rylynn S.
Sonny B.
Vincent B.

Contributing Teachers

Patricia Lucero
Diana Rojas
Cecilia Valdez 
Jasmin Neal
Jennifer Dragovich
Sarah Shanahan
Jewel Rios
Guadalupe Rios
Karina Parra