With dual enrollment, you can get an affordable head start on your higher education goals.

A quicker way to graduate and prepare for a career

If you have your sights set on higher education, you can get a head start by becoming a dual enrollment student. Dual enrollment provides high school students the opportunity to take courses that reward both college and high school credit.

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Who is eligible?

Moreno Valley College partners with local school districts to offer high school 10th, 11th and 12th graders the unique chance to earn college credit as they complete their high school diplomas.

Some dual enrollment courses are taught at the high school campus while others are available online. Choose the best format for you to learn and succeed in with the help of your high school counselor.

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Why choose dual enrollment?

  • Save money on college! The tuition cost for dual enrollment courses is free and textbooks are covered.
  • Earn your degree quicker. Students can often complete general education requirements by the time they graduate high school.
  • Receive early exposure to college and increase your chances of success.
  • Explore careers, majors and interests so you can choose the program of study ideal for you.

Become a Dual Enrollment Student

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    Explore Courses

    Dual enrollment students have a variety of classes to choose from. You can tailor your chosen classes to your educational and career goals. Discuss your course choices with your high school counselor.
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    Get Approval to Participate

    Students seeking to participate in dual enrollment need approval from their school principal (or designee) and, if a minor, a parent/guardian. Your high school counselor can assist with completing the authorization form.
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    Apply to MVC

    If you're part of a participating dual enrollment school district, you'll have to apply to become a Moreno Valley College student. The application process is online and totally free. Print out the online application confirmation page.
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    Register for Courses

    Dual enrollment courses are taught by college professors and your classmates are fellow high school students. For assistance, talk to your high school counselor.
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    Know Important Dates and Information

    Know drop and withdraw dates so you can register on time. Plus, make sure to understand any grades earned in dual enrollment classes become part of your official college transcript.
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    Explore College Resources

    Dual enrollment students are also Mountain Lions! You have access to the same services, resources, and study spaces as any other MVC student.

Dual Enrollment Classes

Find the dual enrollment courses that work with your fall 2023 class schedule. For in-person courses, speak to your high school counselor. For online classes, see below.

Explore the relationship between critical reading and critical thinking. Students develop reading skills through interpretation, analysis, criticism and advocacy of ideas encountered in academic reading.

  • Course section 27887
  • Earn 3 college units
  • Course can be transferred to the CSU system

Examines the prevailing theories and research of developmental psychology and the stages of human development from conception to death.

  • Course section 27885
  • Earn 3 college units
  • Course can be transferred to the UC and CSU systems

A broad survey of music in the Western world. Acquaints students with terminology, the roles of music and musicians in society, and with representative musical selections.

  • Course section 27884
  • Earn 3 college units
  • Course can be transferred to the UC and CSU systems

Common Questions

Want to learn more about dual enrollment? Check out commonly asked questions.

Yes! As long as you are a currently enrolled student at a participating high school, you may become a dual enrollment student.

  • If independent study students are enrolled at a participating high school, they meet the student status requirements for dual enrollment.
  • Home school students not affiliated with a high school can still take college courses, but would do so through the concurrent enrollment program instead. Concurrent enrollment allows high school students to take college classes in addition to their high school studies, but does not waive fees or textbook costs. Concurrent enrollment provides access to a larger course selection.

While all high school students are required to complete the FAFSA prior to graduation, tuition and textbook costs are waived for dual enrollment students. Future financial aid awards can be impacted if participating students do not meet satisfactory academic progress requirements in their dual enrollment classes, as these courses reward college credit, are part of a student's college transcript, and are reflected in a student's cumulative GPA.

Yes! Dual enrollment classes award college credit. If the course is accepted by your transfer school, then you can take it with you. Most Moreno Valley College courses transfer to the University of California and California State University systems. Private universities usually have separate course articulation agreements.

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