Janecek Selected as the College’s Classified Employee of the Year

Apr 1, 2024
Moreno Valley College
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Terry Janecek, a 27-year employee at Moreno Valley College, has been selected as the College’s Classified Employee of the Year.

Janecek started as a substitute custodian in 1994 at Moreno Valley. He became a full-time custodian in 1996 at Norco College, transferring back to Moreno Valley College in 2000 as a custodian.

COVID moved Janecek into a different career path. During COVID, Janecek familiarized himself with the copying process, mail room, warehouse and deliveries. The knowledge he sought provided an opportunity for him to be promoted to the support center technician. Today, Janecek is responsible for working alongside faculty for classroom material, distribution of thousands of pieces of mail, and delivery of over 200,000 packages at the College. “Terry's position is critical in order for this campus to operate efficiently,” Ron Kirkpatrick,

director of Facilities, said. “This is one of those behind the scenes positions that does not get a lot of recognition but is a steadfast of essentials. Terry's commitment to high standards is easily noticeable by his organizational skills.”

As a longtime employee, Janecek offers a vast knowledge of the history of the campus and of the building layouts, all of which enables him to help students and faculty to find their way around campus.

“Terry has proven how his 27 years has immensely impacted our campus,” Kirkpatrick said. “Keeping inventory stocked to assisting new staff and students on campus creates a friendly diverse environment. Terry also assists with events when his experience is called on while maintaining a positive role model for all. He welcomes everyone who crosses his path with a smile. When asked to do a job, he proudly and graciously delivers with no complaints in a timely manner.”

And it isn’t just the College, Janecek serves. Janecek serves the community through Pop Warner, youth basketball and softball with his children. Each year, he volunteers for the Rancho High football team and at his previous church served as a mentor for youth groups. With his current church, Janecek serves in the ministry. He and his wife took in two great nieces for guardianship, until adopting them, despite having three grown kids. “Terry's commitment to assuring quality of life for these two young girls is a testament to the type of person he is,” Kirkpatrick said. “(And) Terry's dedication for Moreno Valley College and the community shines in his work ethics, labor and the loyalty he provides.”

Terry also serves as a council member, guiding the financial choices of the church. Additionally, he serves on the Management Committee for the Crossroads Experience, a

non-profit organization in the Inland Empire. He is instrumental in ensuring that the venue for Crossroads Experience is set up before and taken down following their events. He also supports local elementary schools and his church by providing over 600 backpacks and school supplies to students.

“It is an honor to be chosen as the 2024 Classified Employee of the Year at Moreno Valley College,” Janecek said. “I enjoyed my time as a custodian but moving into the role of support center technician has been the highlight of my career. It was a position I always wanted to do.”

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