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Planning to attend MVC? Are you an alumni? Want to know what Moreno Valley College offers our Inland Empire community? Simply choose the page that best suits you and your needs and learn how we can help.
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From finding your student handbook to quickly accessing various services, find the assistance you need to stay on track as you head toward graduation and transfer.
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Welcome to MVC. As a new student, you'll need to know where to start when it comes to planning your classes, finding resources, and navigating campus and support services. We've got you covered.
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Raising a family while going to school can be a lot to balance. MVC can put you in touch with local, state and federal benefits, and we also offer programs tailored directly to your needs. Plus, we've gone the extra mile in trying to make taking classes affordable.
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As your student starts their college career, MVC can help you support your student. Find information on the college application process, tax rebates, free student and academic support, programs for low-income families, and tips for filing financial aid on behalf of your student.

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Alumni are an important part of our community. Find information geared toward MVC graduates, including resources on how to stay connected to Moreno Valley College, to what we're doing to forward our institutional goals.

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As part of the Moreno Valley and Inland Empire, we rely on your support to accomplish our mission of educating, promoting equity, empowering our students, and serving to better our community. Learn how to get involved.

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MVC employees propel our institution forward. Visit our administration area to find information about careers, accreditation, shared governance, College departments, services and more.

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