Dan Clark, Ph.D.

Professor, English
Library 111


Dan Clark got his degrees in English and Comparative Literature from Colorado State University, Indiana University, and UC Davis. 

He believes reading for pleasure is like trying out a new cuisine at a fine restaurant.  You wouldn’t speed read a good book anymore than you would gulp down a fine meal just for the calorie intake! Take your time! Lots of weird new tastes on the menu, but go ahead, take a bite, savor the flavors, and order some wine, of course.   

Dr. Dan likes to spend as much time outside as possible.  Nothing better than a bike ride to a shady spot with a view, then a nap and a couple of hours reading.  Back at the house, there are family, more books, and a guitar!

Educational Background

B.A., Colorado State University.

M.A., Indiana University.

Ph.D., University of California, Davis.

At Riverside Community College District since 1999.