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Tuition & Fee Information

Effective summer 2017, drops for non-payment have been suspended indefinitely. You will NOT be dropped for non-payment. All students will be charged for registered classes and may receive a failing grade unless they drop themselves within deadlines. It is the student's responsibility to verify that all classes have been added or dropped accordingly.

Fees may be paid up until the end of the business hours at each college location. Fees may also be paid online via WebAdvisor. Students who do not pay will have a hold placed on their record and will not be able to register for classes or receive grades, transcripts, verifications, certificates or diplomas.


If you decide not to attend class and are not dropped from the class,
you will receive an "F" and owe fees. It is your responsibility to drop yourself from classes that you decide not to attend.


Fee Schedule

Any fee may change without notice subject to changes issued by the State of California and/or changes in RCCD Board policies.


Audit Fee

$15 per unit

Duplicate Diploma Fee


Enrollment Fee
In the event of a fee increase by the state legislature please refer to this page for updates on payment deadlines.

$46 per unit

Health Services Fee *
(Non refundable if student drops all classes after the refund deadline)

$20 for Fall/Spring &
$17 for Winter/ Summer

First Aid & CPR Fees


Life Guard & Water Safety Instructor Certification


Nonresident Tuition and Enrollment Fee

$265 + $46 per unit updated

Non-sufficient Funds/Stop payment Fee


Out of Country Non Resident Surcharge
(Non refundable)

$12 per unit updated

Parking Permit - Auto** & Motorcycle
Non refundable if student drops all classes after the refund deadline. If eligible for a refund student must return the permit to Parking Services immediately.

$50 for Fall/Spring &
$25 for Summer,
$30 with Board of Governors Waiver (BOGW)

$15 for Fall/Spring &
$10 for Summer

Student Services Fee
Get your ID Card today!
Last day to waive Student Services Fee coincides with the last day to add courses.

Fall 2019 term: $15
Winter 2020 term: $10
Spring 2020 term: $30
Summer 2020 term: $10

Transcript Fee
(first 2 transcripts are free)

View Transcript Fee Information

Transportation Fee ****
Not charged during winter session

$5.50 (over 6 units)
$5 (6 units or less)

Unofficial Transcript
(free on WebAdvisor)



Course Fees

Some classes require an additional fee for materials, tools, technical and miscellaneous supplies for certain programs (70902(s) of the Educational Code. The charge is noted under the appropriate class. Additional fees must be paid at registration, and are not covered by the California College Promise Grant (CCPG).


* Required fee - (Title V State regulations) support general and emergency services provided by RCCD's Health Services. Not covered by CCPG. Students who depend on prayer for healing and students attending under an approved apprenticeship program are exempt from this fee. Students must apply for this waiver by submitting a Health Services Fee Waiver Request and supporting documentation to the Health Services Office. The Health Services Fee Waiver form can be obtained from Admissions and Records.

** A $3.15-3.65 shipping/handling charge applies to online orders. A $5.00 processing fee applies to orders paid in person.

*** Fee not covered by CCPG; drop deadlines for non-payment apply

**** MVC students registered in one or more units can ride anywhere RTA travels. Students are charged a Transportation Fee at the time they register. Travel on RTA begins the first day of the term for registered students; registering after the term begins will delay bus riding privileges. Registered students must present their Photo ID card to an RTA driver. This fee is not charged during the winter session.



Any fee may change without notice subject to changes issued by the State of California and/or changes in RCCD Board policies.

Students who owe any outstanding fees to RCCD will not be able to register for classes in this term or future terms until the balance is paid; they will also be unable to receive grades, transcripts, verifications, certificates or diplomas. Students who have holds on their record may not access WebAdvisor or use phone registration. Students are encouraged to apply for financial assistance by going to See the Financial Services site for more information.


How To Pay

  • WebAdvisor (Visa, Master Card, American Express, Discover Card)
  • Mail or Drop Boxes (check or money order)
    • Moreno Valley: inside the Student Services building
    • Norco: inside and outside Student Services building
    • Riverside: outside Admissions and Bradshaw buildings
  • Cashier's Office (Cash, Visa, Master Card, American Express, Discover Card, Check, or Money Order
  • Make check or money order payable to 'RCCD' and be sure to include your RCCD ID number



RCCD refunds any enrollment fee paid for withdrawal from a class during the first two weeks for full term 16 week classes and 10% of the length of the course for short term courses. Refund deadlines are listed in WebAdvisor under My Class Schedule. You can access this form on WebAdvisor.

You are eligible for a refund of fees if you withdraw from classes within the specified deadlines. Refunds are issued to students approximately 6-8 weeks after the last day for refunds. No immediate refunds are available. If you add the class after the first day you may be adding past the refund date. Students who paid with cash or a check will receive a refund check in the mail. Students who paid with credit card will have their refund credited back to their credit card.

Students who drop all classes within the refund period and wish to receive a refund for a parking permit must turn the permit in to Parking Services.

If you are receiving a refund due to an adjustment in your financial aid, please notify Student Account. For questions regarding your account and refunds call (951) 222-8604.