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How to Connect to a Wireless Network

Wireless Network: RCCD_Inet

RCCD_Inet allows users to access the internet without having to login over and over again. There is no time limit to this network and no splash screen before you login. The network is also encrypted and more secure. This is the preferred wireless network!

All users need to follow RCCD's Board Policy AP 3720, Computer and Network Use.

Find instructions on how to connect below or see PDF file.

For vendor/guest access, follow steps below.

NOTE: this wireless network is not a replacement for the Internet_LAN network.
Access by way of Internet_LAN remains unchanged.




How to Connect to a Wireless Network

(Note: You must visit and successfully login to the Portal web site,, and accessed your email account in order to connect to the wireless network "RCCD_iNet") The following is the procedure for connecting to the wireless network and should only be done after you have successfully logged into your email account.

  1. On your device, find the wireless connection icon. It might look like one of these:

    Wireless Icon Sample   Wireless Icon Sample

  2. Find the wireless network RCCD_Inet

  3. Click Connect

    • if asked to select Security Type, select WPA and WPA2 Enterprise
    • if asked to select the EAP Method, select PEAP
    • if asked to select Inner Authentication Type, select MSCHAPv2
    • if asked to select a CA Certificate, select Do not Validate

  4. UPDATED You will be prompted to login using your own username and password (which is your Student Email information).

  5. If you forgot or need to change your password, follow these instructions

  6. If you get a certificate warning, go ahead and accept/trust it.

Students, Faculty, and Staff: You will use your email address and password.
Your login and password is the same as your college email.
For example: or

Guests: See information on the Guest network below.



Vendor/Guest Access to the Wireless Networkupdated

  • Any guest of the district – i.e. a guest speaker, vendor, or other guest of the college or district can received access through a department sponsor. Please ask your contact at the college or district to submit a request through the district Helpdesk (
  • A guest account can take up to 24 hours to process, request it as soon as possible.
  • Sponsored events can be allowed if given ample advanced notice to the helpdesk.
  • Have the following information ready: day and time of the event, number of users, name of the event.


Wireless Guest Network: RCCD_Guest

The RCCD_Guest wireless network is available on all three colleges. This wireless service is for guests to access the network without requiring prior permission. The guest network will only allow users two hours of access before requiring you to login again by providing an email address. This service may not be available at the satellite campuses or other district sites.

Users of the Guest wireless network will be limited to access the CCCApply and RCCD websites only!

  • The Guest wireless network is intended for college applications only.
  • Once your application has been submitted and approved you will be given a District Student email account which you can use to access the RCCD_iNet wireless network. Instructions are above.