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Student Equity Plan Writing Retreat

2019-21 Student Equity Plan Development Retreat

The Student Equity and Achievement (SEA) Committee has scheduled winter 2019 retreats to review MVC's existing Student Equity Plan and to revise the plan's goals and activities according to the California State Chancellor's new template, due on June 30, 2019.

Our goal is to produce a 2019-21 Student Equity Plan draft during the winter intersession. Following the retreat, the new Student Equity Plan will be submitted for approval to the college's shared governance committees. The SEA Committee looks forward to engaging administrators, faculty, staff, and students to review the college's progress in "moving the needle" to reduce equity gaps and to make plans to ensure our targeted groups of students have access to the college, complete course and certificate programs, transfer to a four-year institution, or enter the workforce. 



Who may participate in the retreats? Students, staff, associate faculty, full-time faculty, administrators, and community members.

For additional information, contact any member of the SEA Committee.


Resources (20 items)

These resources are available for review to prepare for the Student Equity Plan Development Retreat. They will be accessible electronically during the retreat. Adobe Acrobat/Reader is required to view the documents below.

  1. 2017-19 MVC BSI-SE-SSSP Integrated Plan
  2. 2017-19 MVC Student Equity Plan Executive Summary
  3. 20171115 ISP Data Presentation
  4. 2019-22 MVC Equity Plan Template - DRAFT
  5. 2019-22 MVC Student Equity Executive Summary - DRAFT
  6. AB705 - Math and English Placement Presentation
  7. CCCCO Percentage Point Gap Method
  8. Comprehensive 2013-17 MVC Student Equity Profile
  9. Guided Pathways Comprehensive Summary
  10. Introduction to Guided Pathways at MVC
  11. MVC 2018-2023 Strategic Plan (Draft)
  12. MVC Aligned Planning Crosswalk 2017
  13. MVC Five Core Committments
  14. SEA Program Training
  15. Statistics - Access (2013-17)
  16. Statistics - Awards (2013-17)
  17. Statistics - Retention (2013-17)
  18. Statistics - Transfer (2013-17)
  19. Statistics - Transfer Math and English in Year 1 (2013-18)
  20. Vision for Success


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