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Student Equity and Achievement (SEA)

In 2019, the college hosted a college-wide Student Equity Retreat at which various stakeholders gathered to write the college's new Student Equity Plan according to the vision of the Chancellor. Copies of the most current plan drafts and other information about the retreat can be found at the Student Equity Plan site.

The college consolidated the Student Success and Equity, Basic Skills Initiative, and Student Equity Committees under the Student Equity and Achievement Committee for the purposes of implementing the college's Student Equity Plan. Information about the previous committees and their activities can be found at:





The Student Equity and Achievement Committee will promote, initiate, coordinate, and recommend strategies which enhance student equity and student academic achievement at MVC.

The purpose of this committee is to: align institutional goals and priorities for enhancing student equity and achievement on campus; improve implementation of goals and objectives related to student equity and achievement; increase communication and coordination to leverage resources to have a greater impact on student equity and achievement; minimize duplication of efforts; coordinate the data management for outcomes assessment and evaluation of the college's efforts to achieve student equity and achievement; and provide seamless delivery of services that support student equity and achievement.

Responsibilities for promoting student equity and achievement may include:

  • Reviewing, integrating, and coordinating student success initiatives (SSSP, Student Equity, and BSI)
  • Identifying and assessing student needs in order to enhance student success and student equity
  • Analyzing MVC student success data, with an equity lens
  • Reviewing and recommending outcomes assessment and evaluation
  • Exploring current research on student success and equity
  • Promoting or recommending instructional and student support programs and services
  • Recommending professional development activities and topics


Steering Committee Members

Field Name Title
Administration AnnaMarie Amezquita Interim Dean of Instruction
Andrew Sanchez, Ed.D. Dean, Grants & Student Equity Initiatives
Michael Paul Wong, Ph.D. Dean, Student Services Counseling
Giovanni Sosa, Ph.D. Dean, Institutional Effectiveness
Faculty Cordell Briggs, Ph.D. Associate Professor, English
Jennifer Escobar Assistant Professor, English
LaTonya Parker, Ed.D. Associate Professor, Counseling
Kathryn Stevenson, Ph.D. Assistant Professor, English
Classified Staff Andrew Graham Placement Testing Coordinator
Audrey Mae Hernandez Administrative Assistant, Grants & Student Equity Initiatives
Students Shauna Garrett Student Senator
Jonathan Maya Student Senator



Meeting Dates

The Student Equity and Achievement Committee meets on the third Tuesday of every month at 11:50 am - 2:50 pm.

View additional meeting dates for Student Equity work groups »









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