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Technology Resources Advisory Group

Welcome to the Technology Resources Advisory Group (TRAG).

A five-year technology plan has been developed and submitted for approval by the Resources Subcommittee (Standard III) to move through the Strategic Planning approval process.

The plan outlines five (5) overall objectives increasing MVC's access to technology, technology use, and technology infrastructure. This plan is focused on a five-year period with the recommendation of revising and evaluating on an annual basis. The last major review of this plan took place in the spring 2015. Please find the mission, vision, and objectives for the plan outlined. They are broad in spectrum as we want to align with strategic initiatives and goals and design the "hows" from the college perspective and on current needs. MVC has benefited from grant resources to initiate some of the technology positions and focus on infrastructure, it is a good time to move in the direction of an independent college in a multi-campus district.

Staff Co-Chair:

Joe Gonzales

Faculty Co-Chair:

Terrie Hawthorne


Julio Cuz


Technology Plan (updated Spring 2017)
Technology Plan

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