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Social Media

As part of the community, Moreno Valley College (MVC) is always in communication with you! Join us through one of the following social media sites to keep up to date with all events, activities, and important announcements at your college!


Moreno Valley College's Social Media Sites:

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Twitter logo
YouTube logo
NOTE: the MySpace site is inactive due to low popularity


MVC's Bookstore:

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MVC's Bookstore


MVC's Dental Assisting Program:

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MVC's Dental Assisting Program


MVC's Dental Hygiene Program:

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MVC's Dental Hygiene Program


MVC's Dental Hygiene Program (Alumni):

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MVC Friends of Dental Hygiene Alumni Association


MVC's Disability Support Services:

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MVC's Disability Support Services


MVC's Fire Technology Program:

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MVC's Fire Technology Program


MVC's First Year Experience Program:

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MVC's First Year Experience Program

MVC's Health Services Department:

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MVC's Health Services


MVC's Law Enforcement Trainig Programs @ BCTC:

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MVC's Law Enforcement


MVC's Library:

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MVC's Library


MVC's Outreach Department:

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MVC's Outreach



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MVC's STEM (Science/Tech/Enginering/Math)


MVC's Student Government:

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MVC's Student Government


MVC Students' Newspaper (Valley Vista News):

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Valley Vista Newspaper
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If you're interested in setting up a Social Media web page, please contact the Webmaster to make sure you follow the guidelines set by the District.