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Supervisors Information

This is a resource page for supervisors to understand and meet Work Study requirements for keeping student employees. To hire a student employee, please follow the steps listed below under the appropriate classification of your department (On-campus or off-campus).


How to Hire a Student

On-campus and off-campus student employees have different hiring procedures. See below for hiring requirements based on location.


NOTE: Depending on your browser, you might need to download the Adobe Acrobat Reader (free) in order to access the PDF forms. Try downloading the forms first.


On-Campus Hiring Requirements

Off-Campus Hiring Requirements


Hiring Forms and Packets

Complete for a student that has never worked as a student employee
Complete for a student who has: previously worked for Student Employment, completed a full year of working and is to be rehired, or has been dismissed and is re-applying


If you have any questions, please contact us.