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Supervisors Information

This is a resource page for supervisors to understand and meet Work Study requirements for keeping student employees. To hire a student employee, please follow the steps listed below under the appropriate classification of your department (On-campus or off-campus).

NOTE: Depending on your browser, you might need to download the Adobe Acrobat Reader (free) in order to access the PDF forms. Try downloading the forms first.


How to Hire a Student

On-campus and off-campus student employees have different hiring procedures. See below for hiring requirements for on-campus locations.

Hiring for an off-campus student? View off-campus hiring requirements.


On-Campus Hiring Requirements
  1. Complete the following on-campus forms and submit the originals to the MVC Student Employment Office.

    Please allow approximately 7-10 Business days to process your request. You will be notified when your job is posted if posting was requested. If no posting was requested, please jump to step 4.

  2. Student Employment (SE) will post the position online for recruitment and contact the supervisor when there is an adequate applicant pool to select from. SE will grant supervisors with temporary access by assigning a temporary login and password to the application website. Supervisors can access the website and review student applications.

  3. After viewing applications, select candidates you would like to interview by completing the Student Employment Candidate Request Form* and fax it back to 951-571-6269 or email it after saving it to your computer.
    *Note, unless you have Adobe Pro, changes in the Candidate Request form will not be saved automatically. You’ll need to save as a pdf to your desktop or fax a hard copy to SE. Please DO NOT start interviewing the students until eligibility has been verified by SE. Student Employment will review the candidates submitted for eligibility and e-mail the results back to you. Upon receipt, you may contact the eligible candidates for interviews and make a selection.

  4. When a decision is made to hire a student, you and the student will need to complete the hire paperwork. Determine if you are completing a NEW HIRE, RE-HIRE, ADD, or TRANSFER and complete the appropriate hire forms (packet).

  5. Ensure forms are complete and checklists and directions have been followed. Submit a completed and mistake-free packet to the Student Employment Office for processing. Please allow approximately 7-10 business days to process. This process may be delayed if the paperwork is incomplete or if there are issues with their financial aid.

  6. You will receive a written approval e-mail with the employee’s hire date along with a timesheet attached. Supervisors cannot work students prior to their official hire date and without written authorization from the Student Employment Office.

  7. Contact the student employee to begin working and refer to the Timesheet Procedures and the Student Payroll Calendar for information on due dates and submitting timesheets.

  8. Within 30 DAYs of the student employee's hire date, read the Supervisor Handbook, Sign the last page, and submit a copy to the Student Employment Office.


Hiring Forms and Packets

Complete for a student that has never worked as a student employee Complete for a student who has previously worked for Student Employment, completed a full year of working and is to be rehired, or has been dismissed and is re-applying

New Hire and Rehire packets should be saved to your computer and opened with Adobe Reader or Acrobat. As PDF portfolios, you will not be able to preview or edit them in your browser.



If you have any questions, please contact us.