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EOPS Summer Bridge Program

The Bridge Program offers learning communities designed to increase students' academic and personal success through the structuring of the learning environment. Students participating in a learning community are enrolled in linked or clustered classes that are taught in a cooperative environment between instructors. Each learning community focuses on a specific academic need and has an assigned counselor to assist students. The Bridge Program is perfect for students who are underprepared academically, are economically disadvantaged, and need additional support in their first year at Moreno Valley. Bridge students also form lasting friendships. They tend to share educational goals, interests, and similar backgrounds. We work with students to promote their transfer success to universities.


EOPS Summer Bridge Program Students



History of the Summer Bridge

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EOPS Bridge Program Newsletter

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Contact Us

We look forward to being your bridge to student success! Thank you so much for your interest in the EOPS Summer Bridge Program at Moreno Valley College.

Phone Number:

(951) 571-6253

Bonnie Montes, EOPS Counselor/Coordinator

Koko Randolph, EOPS/CARE Specialist

Sandra Tapia, Counseling Clerk