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Esars - ONline Scheduling System


To schedule an appointment through ESARS you will need your student id number and your date of birth.

You will not be able to schedule an appointment with MVC ESARS if:

  • You are a first time college student and have not completed the Assessment, Orientation & First Semester Ed Plan
  • Your home college is not Moreno Valley College
  • You have not applied
  • There are no available appointments within the next seven days.

Please be aware that there is a policy change regarding scheduling counseling appointments. Now that Moreno Valley, Norco, and Riverside City are independent colleges, the scheduling of counseling appointments must be made at the college you determined as your home college at the time you applied to the college. If you are seeking a counseling appointment, you will only be able to schedule an appointment with a counselor at your designated home college.

Students wanting to change home colleges must go to Admissions and Records with photo ID. If you are unsure of the home college you selected, please log onto WebAdvisor. Your home college is located in "Update Program of Study" under the header entitled "Personal Information."

If you are seeking Veterans Benefits and need to schedule a counseling appointment for a Student Educational Plan, access the Counseling Services for Veterans Students page.

Please contact the Moreno Valley College Counseling Department at 951-571-6104 if you have any questions.



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You will be redirected to your college's ESARS site.