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Standards of Student Conduct

Faculty, classified staff, and managers can report violations of the Standards of Student Conduct when students are disruptive or violate the Student Code of Conduct. A report may not necessarily require disciplinary action, but any incident of a violation should be reported to determine whether a student's cumulative violations warrant action.

When a Student Misconduct Report is filed with the Dean of Students regarding a possible violation of the Standards of Conduct Policy, the student will receive written notification from the Judicial Affairs Officer. A Student Misconduct Report should be submitted immediately after the occurrence, or within ten business days of the discovery of facts.

Once the Dean of Students receives the disruptive student form, the student will be called within a 24 hour period for a meeting with the Dean. During this conference, the Dean of Students shall determine if the student's behavior constitutes a violation of the Standards of Conduct.

If it is determined that a violation has occurred, the student may be required or recommended to, including but not limited to, seek various student services department assistance such as Student Health and Psychological Services or Disability Support Services, sign a Discipline Contract, and/or the student may be recommended for suspension or expulsion depending on the nature of the incident.

If you are unsure if the student is disruptive or would like to report a concerning behavior to the Behavior Intervention and Resource Team, please visit the BIRT website.

For questions, please contact the Dean of Students at (951) 571-6384.