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Information for Parents

Moreno Valley College is investing in your student's success. Their first year of college tution is free. Urge them to apply now!

The Moreno Valley College Promise is a commitment to help students complete their associate degree requirements, transfer requirements, and/or workforce certificate requirements in a timely and efficient manner.

2018-19 Promise Initiative enrollment information coming soon for students and/or parents. Stay tuned for updated eligibility requirements and student benefits. The information below is subject to change.


What benefits will my student receive from the MVC Promise?

  • The MVC Promise will cover up to $1,278.50 per semester.
  • Free tuition, fees, and textbooks (not covered by financial aid) for the first year of college
  • Summer Bridge (extended orientation) program
  • Priority registration to ensure 12-15 units per semester
  • A Comprehensive Student Educational Plan (CSEP) that maps out classes from the first semester to the last, based on educational plan
  • During the first year, an assigned student success coach serves as a resource and provides structured support, enabling completion of degree and/or transfer units
  • Connections with peers on similar paths and timelines


How does my student become eligible?

  • Be 18 years of age or older OR have a high school diploma/GED OR be a graduating high school senior (class of 2017)
  • New first time college student (never attended college before)
  • Have a completed FAFSA or California Dream Act Application with Moreno Valley College school code listed (041735) on file (AB 540 students may be eligible for this program)
  • Complete the Moreno Valley College application and the application to participate in the First Year Experience Summer Bridge program
  • Commit to enrolling as a full-time student throughout the year including enrollment in math and English courses
  • Priority is given to graduates from any high school within Moreno Valley Unified and Val Verde Unified School Districts


How does my student maintain eligibility for the MVC Promise?

Once accepted into the Moreno Valley College Promise, students will attend an information session and will complete a Promise Agreement, signifying their commitment to the program and your education, which includes developing a comprehensive educational plan, successfully completing a full-time course load, and maintaining a minimum 2.0 grade point average during their first year.


How does my student apply to join the MVC Promise??

A completed First Year Experience Summer Bridge program application is required to be considered for acceptance and participation in the Moreno Valley College promise program for the summer 2017 and the 2017-18 academic year.


What other ways can I support my student while enrolled at Moreno Valley College?

Ensure they attend the Summer Bridge extended orientation program (required for Promise students), as well as keep up with the eligibility requirements of First Year Experience. MVC also encourages involvement in programs such as Honors, Associated Students, and Student Employment to augment their academic and professional experience.


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