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We've Moved!

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Moreno Valley College is ON THE MOVE...literally!

Here's a list of office relocations that ocurred during the summer and some remain in progress.

Last update as of 8/25/2014.


Department New Location

Grants and College Support Programs and STEM

Science & Technology 150A


Humanities 113

Dean, Student Services (a.k.a. Student Success Dean)

Humanities 113

SSSP Counselors

Humanities 113

Music faculty Dr. Quin and Mr. Foster

PSC 11

College Police and Parking Services


English Lab

Humanities 221

New Open Computer Lab and Study Center

Humanities 232

Tutorial Services

SAS 202 and 206

Mathematics faculty Mr. Namekata

Humanities 118

Diversity and Human Resources Liaison, Ms. Boling

SAS 221

Interim Dean, Institutional Effectiveness, Dr. Sheila Pisa

SAS 319B

Humanities Faculty/Staff workrooms were restored

Humanities 122 and 319

Disability Support Services

Library 230, the entrance to the new DSS suite is on the Plaza level, next to the elevator
(within the next three weeks)

Writing and Reading Center

Humanities 222
(within the next three weeks)