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Student Success Stories at Moreno Valley College

Student Success Stories @ MVC are a reflection of the quality and hard work of our students, as well as the commitment and dedication of our faculty and staff. These are some of the latest achievements that well represent our College beyond our city.


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Ora York

Student Success Story 1

As a hospice nurse, Ora York enjoyed the one-on-one relationship she developed with patients, who were dying, and their families. But, after 13 years of being a Licensed Vocational Nurse, she plans to switch careers to one where she will be caring for the dead.

After she graduates, Ora, who is 36, has been accepted to the Mortuary Science Program at Cypress College, which has one of the top two programs in the nation. She hopes to open her own funeral home. "I'll still be dealing one-on-one with the family, it's just a different conversation," said Ora, who is graduating from Moreno Valley College.

There was a time when Ora's future was not so certain. She was born to drug-addicted parents and was raised by a foster mother, who took her in at birth. She became pregnant at 19 and was a victim of domestic violence. After high school, she became an LVN but she found it increasingly difficult to support her growing family of four children.

As a hospice nurse, Ora had experience preparing the dead for the family's last viewing before the mortuary workers arrived. "I was already familiar with death and dying so it was an easier transition for me," Ora said.


Local college student appears in "Glee": Michael Bryant

Student Success Story 2

From The Press Enterprise ( site:

Moreno Valley College fans of the Emmy-award winning FOX TV series "Glee" may have recognized a familiar face in the May 2 episode.

The young man in glasses playing the trumpet in several classroom and stage scenes was music theory major Michael Bryant.

"Glee" focuses on a high school glee club that competes on the circuit. The weekly show offers a steady dose of drama, happiness and heartbreak.

Bryant got the gig through a close friend who works with Fox Music. Based on his friend's recommendation, Bryant didn't even have to audition. He did have to submit a photo of himself to prove that even though he is 20 he could pass as a high school student.

The episode titled "Wonder-ful" featured several Stevie Wonder songs including "I Wish" and "You Are the Sunshine of my Life."

Even though he typically plays the tuba and trombone, Bryant needed to play the trumpet, which is said is very similar to the other instruments. He was given two days to learn the songs. Read more


Student gets scholarship in dispatcher's name: Justin Castanon

Student Success Story 3

From The Press Enterprise ( site:

Moreno Valley College student Justin Castanon said he didn't know much about Dominic Durden before he received a $300 scholarship in the name of the late Riverside County Sheriff's Department dispatcher.

Durden, 30, was killed in a July 2012 collision with an unlicensed driver who made a left turn in front of Durden on Pigeon Pass Road in Moreno Valley. Durden, a Canyon Springs High graduate, was also a pilot, aspiring deputy, former volunteer firefighter, talented videographer and 2002 Moreno Valley volunteer of the year.

Castanon learned all of that when he researched Durden.

"I was pretty impressed with what I found out. I have big shoes to fill," Castanon said in a phone interview.

Durden's mother, Sabine, presented the Dominic Durden Memorial Scholarship to Castanon at the college's scholarship tea May 23. The scholarship will be awarded annually to emergency-medical technician students who are also dedicated volunteers.

"It's nice to have something good come from all of this hurt," Durden said in an interview, in which she added: "I'd rather not have any of this and have my son back. Read more.