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  • MCHS Signing Agreement
  • MCHS Signing Agreement
  • MCHS Signing Agreement
  • MCHS Signing Agreement

Slideshow of the MCHS Signing Agreement

For Immediate Release
September 16, 2013

Moreno Valley College and Local School Districts Sign Agreement
on Middle College High School Program


Chief executive officers from Moreno Valley College, Moreno Valley Unified School District, Val Verde Unified School District, and Nuview Union School District gathered on Thursday, September 12 to sign agreements for the MVC Early and Middle College High School programs.

MVC president Sandra Mayo and superintendents Judy D. White, Juan M. López, and David Pyle listened to students talk about the impact the program has had on their educational careers. The four education leaders then signed the agreements, giving high school students the ability to take a combination of high school and college classes.

Moreno Valley College established middle college high school (MCHS) programs with Moreno Valley and Val Verde school districts in 1999, and with Nuview in 2005. The programs are aimed at high school students who are academically capable of post-secondary education, but are either unlikely to complete high school or attend college for a variety of at-risk factors.

"With a focus towards student success, faculty and staff have facilitated great learning experiences for high school students to not only achieve high school diplomas but also associate degrees," said Greg Sandoval, vice president of Student Services. "Many of these students go on to earn baccalaureate degrees at prestigious universities."