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Guided Pathways Planning

To address the varied challenges of implementing Guided Pathways, Moreno Valley College engaged in a self-assessment process and produced a workplan to act as a roadmap to accomplishing the requirements of the Guided Pathways project.

Guided Pathways
and Planning

and Progress
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Self-Assessment and Evaluation

Moreno Valley College performed a self-assessment of our current services, reach, and our progress toward implementing Guided Pathways. This self-assessment, with feedback from the California Commmunity Colleges Chancellor's Office (CCCCO) will provide MVC with a clear work plan to fulfilling the requirements IEPI Guided Pathways initiative.


Evaluation Timeline

Moreno Valley College's self-assessment timeline concluded March 30, 2018, in which the College's Self-Assessment document was submitted to the California Community Colleges Chancellor's Office for review, which will be received by May 30.


Guided Pathways Team

Team Members and Contributors
Robin Steinback, Ph.D. Carlos Lopez Dyrell Foster, Ed.D.
LaTonya Parker, Ed.D. Laura Dunphy Anna Marie Amezquita
Andrew Graham Karen Flores Jim Lambert
Jeff Rhyne Larisa Broyles, Ph.D. Maria Pacheco, Psy.D.
Ed Alvarez Andrew Sanchez, Ed.D. Micki Grayson
Art Turnier Martha Rivas, Ph.D. Nicole Smith, Ph.D.


Metrics for Self-Assessment and Planning

MVC's self-assessment and workplan focused on evaluating and addressing four Key Performance Indicators and fourteen Key Elements:

  • Key Performance Indicators (View Evaluationpdf)
    • Participation (first-time college students)
    • Transferrable math and English completion
    • First-term momentum (college credits earned)
    • First-year momentum (college credits earned)
  • Key Elements (View Evaluationpdf)
    • Inquiry
      • Cross-functional inquiry
      • Shared metrics
      • Integrated planning
    • Design
      • Inclusive decision-making structures
      • Intersegmental alignment
      • Guided major and career exploration opportunities
      • Improved basic skills
      • Clear program requirements
    • Implementation
      • Proactive and integrated academic and student supports
      • Integrated technology infrastructure
      • Strategic Professional Development
      • Aligned Learning Outcomes
      • Assessing and documenting learning
      • Applied learning opportunities


MVC's 5-Year Allocation

MVC has been allocated a total of $937,496 from the IEPI Guided Pathways program over the course of the implementation project. Should less colleges than anticipated participate, this allocation may increase. The allocation will be distributed over a five-year period as follows:

  • Year 1: $234,366
  • Year 2: $281,239
  • Year 3: $234,366
  • Year 4: $93,746
  • Year 5: $93,746


Presentations and Slides

Presentations and data from Guided Pathways planning meetings and events.

  1. Guided Pathways Academic Senate Presentation
  2. Guided Pathways Fall 2019 Update
  3. Guided Pathways Introduction
  4. Guided Pathways Kickoff Presentation
  5. Guided Pathways Momentum Points - Fall 2019
  6. Guided Pathways Open Forum 20180424
  7. Guided Pathways Workgroup - September 2019