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Planning Committee

List of members of the Planning Committee for the Comprehensive Master Plan.

  • Rosslynn Byous, Career Technical Education
  • Chris Carlson, RCCD Chief of Staff and Facilities Development
  • Michelle Dawson, City Manager, City of Moreno Valley
  • Bart Doering, RCCD Construction, Facilities Planning, + Development
  • Mary Gallardo, Public Safety Education + Training
  • Norm Godin, Business Services
  • Ronald Johnson, Associated Students of MVC
  • Susan Lauda, Classified, Academic Affairs
  • Rebecca Loomis, Anatomy/Physiology
  • Tyrone Macedon Sr., Associated Students of MVC
  • President
  • Debbi Renfrow, Library Services
  • Greg Sandoval, Student Services
  • Gustavo Segura, Instructional Media
  • Salvador Soto, Counseling
  • Laurens Thurman, Consultant, Construction, Facilities Planning, +
  • David Vakil, Academic Affairs
  • Christopher Whiteside, PSET & Career & Technical Education
  • Ann Yoshinaga, Public Safety Education + Training


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