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Technology Support Services: Audio/Visual (A/V)

The TSS AV group is here to assist you with any audio/visual needs (equipment, training, services) you might have in the classrooms or events.


Requests / Technical Support

If you are in need of A/V equipment and/or assistance, please submit a request through the ServiceDesk or contact us below. Also, see important information below under "Equipment Available."



If you would like to schedule a training session to learn how to use the audio/visual equipment in any classroom, contact us below, or submit your request through the ServiceDesk.


Equipment Available

All classrooms, conference, and meetings rooms at MVC have the following equipment on a permanent basis at each location. There is no need to request any of the items below for any events or classes. In case technical support is needed, you may contact us below.

Permanent equipment at each location:

  • Projection (white) screen
  • LCD Projector
  • Computer
  • Document Camera
  • Audio (sound)


Video Conferencing

To schedule a video conference meeting (video and audio), a room must be secured through 25Live. See a list of video conferecing capable rooms below.

Once a room has been secured, you must contact Stephen Ashby (email) or at (951) 222-8883 with the following information:

  • Name of the party you will be conferencing with
  • Contact name
  • Phone number
  • Address
  • Conference technician's name and phone number
  • Video dial-up numbers
  • Date and time of event
  • Event duration
  • TSS will be notified once your event has been confirmed

The following locations have a video conference unit available for meetings:

  • Library 205
  • SAS 101
  • SAS 303

NOTE: If you will be using Zoom, see details below.



Tele (Audio) Conferencing

To schedule a Tele Conference meeting (audio only), a room must be secured through 25Live. See a list of teleconferencing capable rooms below.

Once you have reserved a room, submit your request to TSS to setup the teleconference equipment.

The following locations are capable of teleconferencing events:

  • Library 205
  • SAS 101
  • SAS 303

NOTE: If you will be using Zoom, see details below.



Zoom: Online Meetings

Zoom is an online meeting service provided to all employees of the California Community Colleges by the CCC Confer project. Connections are Java-free, and support all operating systems and browsers, including mobile devices. Experience high quality video and audio, desktop screen sharing, whiteboard with annotations, waiting and breakout rooms, and more. Record to the cloud, and create a movie file which can be viewed from any device and operating system. CCC Confer Zoom connects with Canvas making it easy for instructors and students to participate live, and to view recordings. You will continue to receive the same high quality service and support from the same CCC Confer team. NOTE: As of July 2018, CCC Confer has transitioned to Zoom.

The minimum requirements to setup a Zoom meeting are a computer or device with internet access, and a phone. Based on availability, you may check out a web camera from TSS for your event,  do so by submitting a request through the ServiceDesk.

Zoom provides the opportunity to present online:

  • Meetings
  • Video Webinar
  • Zoom Rooms
  • Business IM

To sign up, follow these required steps:

  1. Go to the Zoom website
  2. Click on Sign Up
  3. Fill out the form and make sure to enter "Moreno Valley College" on the College/Org field
  4. You can now login by clicking on the Sign In link
  5. Watch tutorials the Zoom Video Tutorials to learn how to use the system.


Contact Us

Phone Number:

(951) 571-6200


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