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ESL Students

English As a Second Language (ESL)

Welcome to Moreno Valley ESL Program!

Dear English as a Second Language students! Taking ESL classes will help you achieve your goals:

  • Improve your writing skills in English
  • Acquire more vocabulary for better communication
  • Learn proper grammar rules and spelling
  • Get ready for regular English classes
  • Feel confident to take classes in any subject
  • Learn more about American culture

You will also meet students from other cultures and make friends with your classmates!

For questions about the ESL program, please contact us at (951) 571-6273 or


ESL Certificate

The ESL program offers a locally-approved certificate (MCE866), ideal for employment competency. Successful completion of the certificate in English as a Second Language (ESL) provides students, prospective employers, and other community members with documented evidence of persistence and academic accomplishment in ESL.

Upon successful completion of this program, students should be able to:

  • Communicate successfully orally and in writing (allowing for minor second language errors that do not interfere with meaning) and comprehend language at the basic college level in preparation for ENG-50: Basic English Composition.
  • Identify and use basic college-level Standard American English to write a short essay using academic vocabulary.
  • Respond to a basic college-level reading through writing and competent participation in discussions.
  • Employ patterns and expectations of American culture, especially in the college environment. Students will gain confidence working in this environment.

This certificate requires a total of 15 units. For additional information, including required courses and approved electives, view curricular patterns found on page 108 in the MVC Catalog.





This section is dedicated to information about faculty presently teaching at MVC.

Joyce Kim, Ph.D., Associate Professor - Speech Language Pathology, Education, ESL. I was born in South Korea, raised and educated in the United States. After receiving my B.A. in Linguistics and English at UCLA, I studied Speech Language Pathology at Columbia University, earning a M.S. as well as gaining valuable work experience as a speech language pathologist in medical, educational and corporate settings. My clinical and educational interests led me to my Ph.D. in Education at UCR. I have studied French, Japanese, Uzbek, Quechua and Korean. I hope to share my joy of studying languages and cultures with MVC ESL students.

ESL Instructor

Julia Le Doux, adjunct faculty. I was born and educated in Krasnoyarsk, Russia. As soon as I attained my master's degree in English and German in Krasnoyarsk Pedagogical Institute, I started my career as a teacher of English in a public school. When I came to California, I was happy to find out that I could stay with my beloved profession - teaching English to non-native speakers.

Being a life-long ESL student myself, I consider it a priviledge to pass my knowledge and my experience to students. I have been teaching ESL at Moreno Valley College since 2007. I also have been working as an impact substitute teacher for Val Verde Unified School District for three years. My teaching assignments have mostly been at Avalon Elementary School.

I enjoy teaching children as well as adults and am currently pursuing my teaching credential at California State University, San Bernardino.

ESL Instructor

Robert Rader, adjunct faculty. I am originally from Orange, CA. I graduated from UC Riverside in 1993 and worked as an instructor for children at Orange County Science School and as a substitute teacher from elementary to high school levels for Moreno Valley Unified District.

In 2000, I received my Teaching English as a Foreign Language certificate from UCR Extension and taught English at a university in Northern Thailand for two years. I chose a career in ESL teaching due to the influences of my mother, who loves Mexico, my grandmother who loved China, and also excellent friends from the UC Riverside International (Soccer) Club, all of whom represented nearly all seven continents! Read more.

ESL Instructor

Jean Waggoner has a bachelor's degree from Lone Mountain College of the University of San Francisco and a M.A from Cal State University, Fullerton, plus U.C. She has taught ESL for RCCD at Moreno Valley, RCC or Rubidoux Annex since 2001. She is a co-author of the The Freeway Flier and the Life of the Mind, a book about the Adjunct Faculty experience. Jean has recently compiled an American edition for Rosetta World Literatura, a literary journal from the University of Istanbul, Turkey; she also has published short fiction and poetry. Jean Waggoner lives in Idyllwild, where she enjoys her hobbies: cooking, hiking, music and poetry.