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Humanities Building

Communications Department

The Communications Department offers courses in several areas.


Chair Contact Information

All phone numbers are area code 951 and prefix 571.

Full-Time Faculty
Jeff Rhyne, Ph.D. (Department Chair) English 6254 LIB 135
Jennifer Floerke (Assistant Chair)
Coordinator, Honors Program
Communications 6319 SAS 336
Sonya Nyrop (Assistant Chair)
Basic Skills Transformation Grant
Reading 6345 PSC 1-I
AnnaMarie Amezquita
Dean of Instruction
English 6242 HM 307
Cordell Briggs, Ph.D.
UMOJA Community
English 6151 HM 318-C
Dan Clark, Ph.D.
Faculty Development Coordinator
English 6183 LIB 134
Jennifer Escobar
Project Director, Basic Skills Transformation Grant
English 6412 SAS 223
Melanie James
Coordinator, Professional Development,
Basic Skills Transformation Grant
English 6453 HM 307
Joyce Kim
Basic Skills Transformation Grant
ESL 6375 SAS 219
Sara Nafzgar Communications 6394 SAS 337
Debbi Renfrow Library 6344 LIB 202
Michael Schwartz
Coordinator, Writing & Reading Center
English 6213 SAS 227
Dana Shedd Reading -- PSC-3
Kathryn Stevenson, Ph.D.
Coordinator, Basic Skills Initiative
Project Director, Basic Skills Transformation Grant
English 6393 SAS 221
Joel Webb
Technical Services and Digital Assets Librarian
Library 6109 LIB 201
Edd Williams English 6155 HM 320
Valarie Zapata, Ph.D.
English Discipline Facilitator
Coordinator, Puente Program
English 6153 SAS 225


Course offerings in the disciplines below can vary. Please check the Schedule of Classes or WebAdvisor for current and planned offerings.

  • Communication Studies
  • English
  • English as a Second Language
  • Journalism
  • Library
  • Reading


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