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Leadership and Governance Subcommittee

Welcome to the Leadership and Governance Subcommittee.


To bring constituent groups of the college campus together in order to participate in the process of planning and decision making designed to provide an inclusive and collegial environment for students, faculty, staff, and administration.



To address issues and agenda items current to each participatory governance committee. MVC's Leadership and Governance subcommittee is also charged with evaluating the effectiveness of the overall shared governance process. This is accomplished by:

  • Reviewing and updating, on a quarterly basis or as needed, the college's Leadership & Governance Handbook.
  • Promoting a process of annual self-evaluations of each participatory governance committee.
  • Annually reviewing and maintaining participatory governance committee information and roster forms.


Meeting Dates


Friday, September 7

9 - 10 am

SAS 101

Friday, September 21

12 - 3 pm

SAS 303

Friday, October 26

12 - 3 pm

SAS 303

Friday, November 16

12 - 3 pm

SAS 303

Friday, December 7

12 - 3 pm

SAS 303


Agendas & Minutes (by year)









Support Documentation - (7 items)

  1. Agenda Template
  2. Leadership and Governance ByLaws
  3. Leadership and Governance Handbook
  4. Leadership and Governance Mission, Values, and Purpose
  5. MVC Committee Information and Roster Form
  6. Minutes Template
  7. Standard IV (draft)


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