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Graduation Information

Information for Graduates

Veteran students who have applied and have been determined eligible for graduation may be eligible to obtain the following:

  • Veterans Program Stole (for veterans using GI Bill benefits)
  • Veterans Graduation Cords (for ALL veteran students)


Graduation and Transfer Recognition Questionnaire

Students who applied for an associate's degree, transfer, and/or a certificate should have received a Veterans Graduation and Transfer Recognition Questionnaire. If you did not completed this form, please check with the Veterans Resource Center to find out if you may be accommodated.


Graduation Banquet

Students who have applied, have been approved by the college, and have completed the Veterans Graduation and Recognition Questionnaire will be invited to the Categorical Programs Graduation banquet. Student will receive dinner, presentations, and recognition for their accomplishments.


Veteran Cord

Cords will be provided to ALL veterans using VA benefits. If you are a veteran, using benefits check with the Veterans Resource Center to pick up your cord.

If you are a veteran not using benefits, please provide a copy of your DD214 to the Veterans Resource Center to pick up your cord. Check with our office on the deadline.


Cap and Gown

Students participating in commencement may purchase the cap and gown at the bookstore.

Please check the Commencement website for pricing.


Congratulations to all Veteran Graduates!

We are proud of you and your educational accomplishments!