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RCCD Foundation Scholarships

The Riverside Community College District (RCCD) Foundation offers scholarships for continuing and transferring students. Qualifications vary, such as financial need, academic performance, your selected major or academic program, career goal, club and community involvement, etc. To be considered for a scholarship you must complete the scholarship application and go through the eligibility and selection process. Please see the information below to apply for RCCD Foundation scholarships.

The scholarship application for the 2020-21 academic year will open
October 21, 2019 and end January 10, 2020.

There are over 250 scholarships available through the RCCD Foundation, and only ONE application is needed to apply.


Who Can Apply?

Financial Aid

If you are an admitted student at MVC and have a student email address, you can apply for scholarships!

  • Students already registered in classes: RCCD offers scholarships for continuing and transferring students. Get information to determine if you are a continuing or a transferring student.
  • Students not yet registered in classes: If you have applied for admission to MVC but have not yet enrolled in classes, please see the detailed information in the How to Apply section below.
  • Think you wouldn't qualify? Think again! If you don't apply, you have already decided you won't get a scholarship. While some scholarships are very general and have many applicants, there are others that do not have many applicants that fit the criteria, and you might be the perfect fit! Learn more about the myths about scholarship eligibility.


How to Prepare to Apply for Scholarships

  • Activate and use your MVC student email address.
  • Think of at least one person who will complete a scholarship recommendation for you. Get information on how to obtain a scholarship recommendation
  • Get a copy of your unofficial transcript from WebAdvisor and scan it into an electronic copy to have ready in case it is required. Get information about how to access your transcript.


How to Apply for RCCD Scholarships

  1. Go to the Scholarship Application site (click on the button below), and follow the log in instructions.
  2. Fill out the Scholarship Application including essay questions and provide email addresses for anyone from whom you are requesting a recommendation and click on submit.
  3. Fill out any supplemental questions or upload additional items required for scholarships you are matched to.
  4. Complete the application process before the deadline (usually the second Friday in January). Log back in or watch for emails for important messages.

Get more information on how to apply for scholarships and learn how to navigate the scholarship application system.

Access the RCCD Scholarship Site Now


How to Get Help


What Happens After I Apply?


For further assistance with scholarships, please contact us.