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Clubs at Moreno Valley College

The great thing about being a student at MVC is that if you want to be active, you've tried to get involved, and you just can't find the place that is right for you, YOU can create your own club on campus. Chances are if you have an interest, others will too! So go for it and create a new club on campus. Here's how:

  • A full-time faculty member must agree to sponsor a specific club/organization, and agree to be present at club/organization functions, meetings and events.
  • Obtain an "Application for Recognition", "Agreement to Sponsor Form", and a membership roster listing no less than seven prospective club members (forms available in Student Activities Center or online) and submit to the coordinator of Student Activities on the Moreno Valley College.
  • Each Club member must pay the appropriate student services fee.

When the Coordinator of Student Activities has received and approved the appropriate forms, the information will be submitted to the Dean of Student Services and the Moreno Valley College Student Senate for final approval. All forms are available in the Student Activities Center or online.


Active Clubs

Inactive Clubs