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For Immediate Release
August 4, 2016

College Receives Grant for Talent Search Program


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Congressman Mark Takano, a former Riverside Community College District trustee, announced this week that Moreno Valley College has been awarded a five-year, $1.2 million grant from the United States Department of Education in order to support the Education Talent Search Program.

The Talent Search initiative, which is part of TRIO, is intended to identify and assist individuals from disadvantaged backgrounds who have the potential to succeed in higher education. The program provides academic, career, and financial counseling to its participants and encourages them to graduate from high school and continue on to and complete their postsecondary education. Talent Search also encourages persons who have not completed education programs at the secondary or postsecondary level to reenter. The ultimate goal is to increase the number of youth from disadvantaged backgrounds who complete high school and enroll in and complete their postsecondary education.

The College plans to work with 500 middle and high school students in the Moreno Valley Unified School District, the 22nd largest school district in California.

Micki Poole Clowney, director, ACES Student Support Services and Upward Bound Math and Science, said the initiative would target students from five area schools - Badger Springs Middle School, Landmark Middle School, Mountain View Middle School, Valley View High School and Vista del Lago High School. All five schools reside within five miles of the College campus.

The funds will allow staff to work with students on an array of important education issues, such as tutorial services, career exploration, aptitude assessments and counseling. The program will also provide information on postsecondary institutions, education or counseling services designed to improve the financial and economic literacy; guidance on and assistance in secondary school reentry; and alternative education programs for secondary school dropouts. Students who are limited English proficient, students from groups that are traditionally underrepresented in postsecondary education, students with disabilities, students who are homeless or who are in foster care or are aging out of the foster care system are especially targeted for assistance.

The addition of Talent Search gives MVC three TRIO components - Upward Bound Math and Science and Student Support Services - to assist students in their pursuit of an education.

"MVC is excited about this opportunity to continue and expand its partnership with MVUSD," Clowney said. "This Talent Search grant will provide opportunities to students, many of whom will be the first in their families to go to college."