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    Trial Information for Films On Demand

    Your Available Products
    Includes Unlimited Usage; Onsite and Remote Access

    Access Credentials:
    Username: moreno736
    Password: z77hfn

    Trial Information for Naxos Music Library - Available until July 9, 2014.

    Naxos Music Library

    This database can be accessed off-campus with the following information:

    User ID = 7 digit student number or faculty/staff Datatel number

    Password = First initial of your first name and the first 6 letters of your last name, all lower case, no spaces.

    We’ve got an App for that!
    All users of your subscription are able to take NML with them anytime, anywhere through the Apps we’ve developed.    More information is available on our blog here:

    Playlist Credentials:
    Username: mvcPS
    Password: mvcPS

    This login allows a qualified person (professor, teacher, or staff member) to create and edit playlists that will be available to the general subscription populace.

    Playlist Instructions:
    1) Point your browser to<> (instead of your unique URL)
    2) Log in with the playlist username and password – this information is above
    3) Once you are logged in to Naxos Music Library, you can search for the music you would like to add.  You can add music to playlists from the album page.
    4) From the album page (where you can select tracks to play), you will see a tab that says, "Add to Playlist". This is the third gray tab from the bottom. Select the tracks you want to add and click the "Add to Playlist" tab.
    5) A small window will open in which you can add the chosen track(s) to an existing playlist or to a new playlist for which you can create a new title.  In order for the playlist to be available in the general subscription, the “Tab” field must be set to “My Institution Playlists.”  (Replace “My Institution” with your institution’s name).

    For more information see our tutorial video here: